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FSC239 Introduction to Forensic Science Assessment Answers

Do you know who invented Forensic Science? Well, it falls under the scientific category, but it was not invented by any scientist. Forensic science may trace its roots back to cops who relied mainly on observation and common sense despite its scientific methodologies. The use of fingerprints by police personnel to identify criminals led to the development of forensic science as we know it today. If you wish to know more facts about forensic science, then you must pursue the FSC239 Introduction to Forensic Science course. It will help you understand the roots of this concept and how it is used in various categories. In case you require FSC239 Introduction to Forensic Science assessment answers help, then we are just one click away from you.

fsc239 introduction to forensic science assessment answers

This course is meant to introduce students with prior scientific knowledge to forensic science as a cohesive discipline. Important forensic science concepts, ideologies, and principles are discussed from a historical perspective, with an emphasis on their impact on modern forensic science. The numerous sub-disciplines of forensic science are presented in a logical and detailed manner. The goal of the course is to introduce students to forensic science and to help them learn more about other forensic science courses.

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What are the Course Intended Learning Outcomes?

Our FSC239 Introduction to Forensic Science assignment help experts have jotted here to intended learning outcomes of this course for you, take a look into it –

  • A comprehension of the selected science discipline's nature, practise, and application.
  • The skill to make, employ, integrate and acquire various technical, professional and practical skills in an ethical manner within a professional context.
  • A readiness to actively contribute to the moulding of community opinions on complex topics where research's methods and conclusions are important, as well as an understanding of the function of science in a global society.
  • Within science, a comprehension of the many modes of communication - reading, speaking, writing, and listening visual and graphical communication.
FSC239 introduction to forensic science assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

So, if you want to know the benefits of studying this course or what you are gonna gain after the course, then take a look at what our FSC239 academic assistance have added here –

  • Understand and communicate essential forensic science principles.
  • List the significant historical milestones in the field of forensic science.
  • Differentiate between admissible and non-admissible scientific evidence in the legal system, and explain how a novel scientific approach can be accepted in a court of law.
  • Apply forensic science methods to case studies involving drugs in racing, sports, and the workplace.
  • Give instances of how Infrared (IR), Mass Spectroscopy (MS), and High-Performance Liquid may be used in forensics. In fields such as document fraud and environmental harm, chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) are used.
  • Demonstrate DNA fingerprinting's concepts and limits.

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fsc239 introduction to forensic science assessment answers

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FSC239 introduction to forensic science assessment answers sample assignment

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What Topics are covered in this Course?

Our FSC239 Introduction to Forensic Science assessment answer providers has added here the topics which are covered in the syllabus. If you want to get more information on this, then you can get in touch with our help experts. They will provide you with all the relevant information.

  • Crime scene investigation
  • Impression evidence
  • Microtrac
  • Forensic taphonomy
  • DNA
  • Forensic biology
  • Forensic intelligence and interpretation
  • Forensic science and its Misconceptions
  • The legal system and its functions
  • Expert witness and its significance
  • Quality and professionalism management in forensic science
  • Case study analysis and demonstration

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Study Materials for Completing the Course

Don't worry about the assignments anymore; take help from our FSC239 academic assistance or follow these study materials for research and make your assignment outstanding and informative.

  • Prinsen, Merel, and Bart Custers. "Introduction to Forensics." Prinsen, MM and Custers, BHM (2010) Introduction to Forensics. In: Transnational Criminology Manual 3 (2010): 15-34.
  • Weizman, Eyal. "Introduction: Forensis." Forensic: The architecture of public truth (2014): 9-32.
  • Roux, Claude, Frank Crispino, and Olivier Ribaux. "From forensics to forensic science." Current Issues in Criminal Justice 24, no. 1 (2012): 7-24.
  • Budowle, Bruce, Mark R. Wilson, James P. Burans, Roger G. Breeze, and Ranajit Chakraborty. "Microbial forensics." In Microbial forensics, pp. 1-25. Academic Press, 2005.
  • Nelson, Bill, Amelia Phillips, and Christopher Steuart. Guide to computer forensics and investigations. Cengage Learning, 2014.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Edmond Locard (13 December 1877 – 4 May 1966) was a French criminologist regarded as the father of forensics.

Sir Francis Galton, anthropology by training, was the first person to explain scientifically how fingerprints can be applied to recognise individuals.

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