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About Global Marketing Future Dynamics Explained By Marketing Case Study Analysis Assignment Help Experts

Global marketing is the process to adjust the strategies of marketing of any organisation such that it can adapt to the conditions of the rest of the world. As their arena of operations, global marketing consists of strategies that look at the entire world. It is a broader concept and not only includes the marketing of goods and services globally but includes many other things.

It consists of:

  • Planning
  • Creating
  • Positioning
  • Promoting goods in the global market.

In this modern era with companies facing a high level of competition, it has become mandatory for them to enter into the global market. This is to ensure high sales and enhancement in the profitability of the companies. However, the products which are in demand universally will be traded at a global level.

It has become easy with the help of the internet that even small businesses along with big businesses can compete at international level. There are several ways through which entry can be made:

  • Joint Venture
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Marketing considering there were no borders
  • Creation of a b brand culture

Global Marketing Strategies Explained By Global Marketing Homework Help Experts

  1. Planning a Global Campaign:As a product enters the global market, it is important to begin the publicity campaign. Global marketing agency takes care of advertising methods and media attention.
  2. Creation of a b Brand Culture:In this modern era, the customers are attracted to specific brands. These brands reflect their tastes and lifestyle. Thus, customers go behind the product which has great brand value.
  3. Pricing and Packaging:It is very sensitive to decide on the price of the product before the product enters the global market. This is an important element in the marketing mix as it affects the ability of a consumer to purchase the product. The packaging is also equivalently important as it helps to attract customers and affects consumer choice.
  4. Market without Boundaries:With the increasing use of the internet, there is no need for different strategies for different countries. The marketing strategy which is unified should be adopted to help the product to compete in the market.

Benefits of Global Marketing

There are several benefits of global marketing like:

  1. The marketing strategies help the organisation to reach to a variety of consumers. This further help the company to gain insight into the choices of consumers which can lead to increased competitiveness of the company at the global level.
  2. Global marketing can help to increase coordination in the marketing strategies of different companies. There is a chance to enhance brand value and further increase sales by adopting new approaches.
  3. Due to the product sold at the global level, there is a consistency in the brand image of the product.
  4. The marketing practices remain consistent and uniform of the companies that can increase the sale value of the product.

Issues in Global Marketing

Some of the issues faced are:

  1. There are companies which operate as per the political environment of their country. Thus, political instability can impact the sale of a product.
  2. Distance, as well as language, could impact the sale of a product. There is a possibility that delivery of the product gets delayed due to distance and lack of communication due to linguistic challenges.
  3. There are chances that the consumer choice is changed due to an increase in competition, variety of brands and product development.
  4. global marketing future dynamics assignment help global marketing future dynamics assignment help

Elements of Global Marketing

  1. Product: The product should be such that which has a universal demand.
  2. Place: This tells us the place where the sale of the product takes place.
  3. Price: Price varies from market to market as it depends on various factors like cost of production and demand and supply factors.
  4. Promotion: Promotion is done to enhance the sale of any product through advertisements, publicity or other means.

Examples of Global Marketing

  1. Coca-Cola: This is a good example of putting international marketing efforts.
  2. Spotify: This is considered as one of the best global companies as it got expanded very fast from Sweden to the rest of the world.
  3. Dominos: For competing in global markets, Dominos adopted menu innovation. This lead to an increase in international interests and awareness.

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