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GRETL reminds of the Grimm's tale Hansel and Gretel where Gretel was able to save his brother from an evil witch who wanted to feed them with candies and bread and then make them her food. Vicious, eh?

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According to programming assignment writers,it takes years of experience for a programmer to write perfect code. You may learn a coding language in one or two years but decrypting its complexities like dealing with different modules that come attached to it takes time and effort. So, when a student has so many things to take care of, programming could become a bottleneck. Eventually, he can overcome his mistakes and correct them but not acting on time and not taking GRETL Assignment Help can cost him good grades.

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gretl assignment help

But, here the evil one is the assignment on GRETL. It stands for GNU Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library. It is a software console that is used to teach economics through mathematical techniques. It is coded in C coding language. It has been released under the aegis of the GNU General Public License. This means it is one of its kinds of econometric software that is available for free for use, distribution, or alteration.

The software is divided into the following parts:-

  1. Shared Library
  2. Command Line Client Programme
  3. Graphical Client Programme

The sample data files for econometrics that are included there are taken from Greene's Econometric Analysis and Ramanathan's Introductory Econometrics with Applications. The user can access it immediately from the menu. But, for any assignment related issue, contact our GRETL assignment writing service.

Now, let us understand what all is GRETL about!

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Here is a list of methods and models that are included and supported by the software:-

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  • It supports the method of least squares that are applied in data fitting and includes two-stage least squares too with panel analysis.
  • It included time-series analysis with the Cochrane and Orcutt process
  • Vector Autoregressive models generally abbreviated as VAR(p)
  • It has commands for Logit and Probit Regressions
  • There are many in-built commands and formulas for tests employed in econometrics statistics like the CHOW test, Hausman Specification Test, Dickey-Fuller test, and Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test

As per our GRETL assignment writers, generally, in GRETL, graphs are generated via Gnuplot and the results are generated as per the rules of LaTeX format. Allin Cottrel designed GRETL on the code written by Ramu Ramanathan, University of California, San Diego. The name of the code is ESL or Econometrics Software Library. The program is also available on a CD that comes with Boo by Ramanathan on which GRETL is based. S, the software is used widely for imparting knowledge about Econometrics.

A user manual has been provided to the user in PDF format from where guidance can be taken for installing the software, getting started with it, understanding how the program works, and an extensive guide for commands. Further assistance can be taken from online statistics homework help experts.

So, these many permutations and combinations would require any novice programmer to take econometrics assignment help!

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As mentioned by econometrics assignment help experts, GRETL is a great tool for teaching students about econometrics. This software is also available in the following languages like:-

  1. Albanian
  2. Basque
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Catalan
  5. Chinese
  6. Czech
  7. French
  8. Galician
  9. German
  10. Greek
  11. Italian
  12. Polish
  13. Portuguese
  14. Romanian
  15. Russian
  16. Spanish
  17. Turkish
  18. Ukrainian.

The smooth way to GRETL goes through HANSL!!!!

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However, R and Matlab can also be used to teach econometrics but, GRETL was exclusively made for teaching econometrics. Therefore, it has an edge over these two languages. Incidentally, it has its scripting language, Hansel.

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Other than GRETL, we also provide services for other statistical software like CSPro, Epi Info, X-12-ARIMA. In-house experts of Sample Assignment have been extending their servicing for GRETL assignment help for quite some time. So, they are well acquainted with the intricacies involved while doing the Econometrics statistical calculations through this software. Here is a list of question that can be asked:-

  1. How can GRETL be used to compute the lo-likelihood in the least absolute deviation method?
  2. How can one predict the rolling windows volatility through GRETL?
  3. Do you know the algorithms or commands of GRETL that can be applied in bootstrapping ARDL?
  4. What are the rules of interpreting rules of speed adjustment coefficient vis-a-vis VECM or IRFs?
  5. Can you develop a database in excel to make a gravity model?
GRETL assignment help GRETL assignment help

These questions reflect the profoundness of the subject. The role of mathematics in statistics is deep and eccentric. The relationship between economics and mathematics is that of theoretical and practical physics where mathematical formulas are used to prove theories that are applied to the real world. In economics, many variables are assumed and things are calculated. So, the amalgamation of mathematics with economics can be daunting.

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