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The unit of HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges covers an important topic that talks about the evolution of public health sector, theories, models, issues, and frameworks of public health and also discuss the readiness of the state authorities to provide health services to its people. This unit is as important as challenging, thus students search for HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges assessment answers from a reliable assignment service provider.

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HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges

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What Is Public Health? Explained By The Experts Of Our Assignment Services In Australia

Public health includes the practices for improving the health of communities and society through policy-making, spreading awareness, education, or research on diseases and their prevention.

Public health involves the application of many different subjects, such as:

  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Sociology
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Psychology, and
  • Public policy, etc.

It is a vast subject that includes many topics, dealing with all of them at one time while completing university assignments become an arduous task for students. Taking a HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges sample makes it easy for them to understand things better.

What Are The Top Public Health Challenges? Discussed By HAS 125 Public Health Achievements Help Experts

With so many and a variety of people around give rise to enormous public health challenges. But, here we have discussed the top 10challenges to public health.

The spread of Deadly Virus-like COVID -19

It may not happen that often but can turn out to be a pandemic and cause the destruction on a large scale. Fighting with such viruses and keeping people safe is the biggest challenge for the public health sector.

  • Harms From Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption is the most prominent public health challenge that creates both long-term and short-term issues. From early deaths to suicides, violence, heart disease, accidents, miscarriage, a lot of things come under the list of side effects of alcohol consumption.

  • Food Borne Illness

Foodborne illness comes second at the list, but a good thing is that it is preventable by taking proper food safety measures.

  • Healthcare-Associated Illness

It includes the infections that a person develops while undergoing treatment in a hospital such as urinary tract infection, blood-stream infection, surgical site infection, etc.

  • Heart Disease and Stroke

A large part of the population is having heart disease or problem of stroke. It is the reason for a large number of deaths or disability among people.

  • Motor Vehicle Injuries

Whether through speeding, drunken driving, or drugs, motor vehicle injuries pose a big challenge for authorities in maintaining public health.

  • Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity

This challenge covers the need of right nutrition, a good physical activity, and ways to prevent obesity in different age groups by making people more aware and informed.

  • Drug Overdose

The problem of drug overdose also poses a challenge for the public health sector.

  • Teen Pregnancy

Lack of information, awareness, and support from parents leading to an increase in the number of teen pregnancy and posing a challenge for the public health sector.

Tobacco Use

Another major concern for the public health sector is increasing tobacco use that causes preventable disease and death.

Our experts are aware of all such public health challenges and they have addressed several assignments based on these. Recently, they have made an online presentation of 10 slides, a sample image of which is attached here for your reference.

HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges

What Are the Benefits Of Pursuing A Course In HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges?

With the completion of a course in HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges, a student develops some important skills such as:

  • Investigate and evaluate the current approaches of the public health sector.
  • Discuss the challenges of public health globally.
  • Discuss and explore public health issues.

What Do You Do With A Degree In Public Health?

  • A public health professional do the following tasks
  • Research for solutions to public health issues
  • Ensure good public health
  • Enforcing laws and regulation to ensure public health and safety
  • Develop policies and plans for improving public health and safety

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HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges HAS 125 Public Health Achievements and Challenges

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