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The hospitality industry is diverse in a number of ways. This sector is one of the best, most appealing, and exciting sectors. It is significant that recent growth in this industry has arisen in the context of such a present environmental procedure. In this industry estimation based on a case study, the primary emphasis is placed on providing a detailed description and conducting an analysis of both the macro-environmental scenarios affecting the hotel industry. The vision of this course is to teach excellent hospitality to make a positive change in the way in which people lead their lives, and their goal is to become the most well-known and well-liked brand in each and every category of customers that they serve.

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HAT203 assessment answers

SWOT Analysis


  • Recent following strategies of the hotel market
  • Agendas for proper membership
  • The emergence of customers who has extreme health consciousness


  • Differentiation of brands is extremely low.
  • Limited essence of the market shares
  • Dominance depends on the US market rather than a global context.


  • Proper location of several properties
  • Various orientations to development, franchising, management ownership.
  • Powerful brand recognition portfolio
  • Useful loyalty base


  • Severe nature of competitor
  • Adverse
  • Long-term hazard compared to non-traditional accommodation.
HAT203 assessment answers

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You will have to be responsible for developing a problem-solving matrix that analyzes explores the interdependency of the human resource, economic, product market contexts. This will be done on a daily basis. With all the assessment descriptions, students will sharpen their skills in analyzing the structural and functional characteristics of hospitality and tourism management through the use of several types of assessments. Students will be able to understand the various business management difficulties that arise in operational contexts related to hospitality and tourism as a result of this.

The tourism industry can be segmented in a variety of different ways due to its multifaceted nature. The relationship between the origin the destination, as well as the reasons people travel, are listed here. When applying the origin-destination relationship described by the reports, it is possible to generate the following categories.

  • National tourism
  • Internal tourism
  • International tourism
  • Domestic tourism

According to reports, "international tourism" refers to all the people traveling from other countries to a specific location, whereas "domestic tourism" refers to people traveling within the same country but coming from a different nation. Internal tourism can refer to a specific location within a country, while national tourism considers all of the different kinds of tourism that can be found in a single nation or country.

HAT203 assessment answers

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University Name

Course names

University of Melbourne

EHL Online Summer Program

Hospitality in a Digital World

University of Sydney

HAT203 Hospitality and Tourism Management

UNSW Sydney

BBA in Global Hospitality Management

The University of Queensland

Executive MBA in Global Hospitality Management

Australian National University

MBA in Global Hospitality Management

Monash University

Master's in Hospitality Strategy and Digital Transformation

University of Technology

Masters in International Hotel Management

University of Adelaide

Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management

University of Wollongong

Masters in Marketing and Management for Luxury Tourism

University of Tasmania

HAT203 Hospitality and Tourism Management

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