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Ace your HE20514 Bachelor of Business Assessment Answers with Our Assignment Help Service!

Do you know that Australia has become a rapidly growing nation in terms of business and technology? In June 2021, it was estimated that around 2,402,2 companies were actively working and helping the economy. Moreover, around 87,806 new businesses were set up between 2020 and 2021. This explains the fact that the HE20514 Bachelor of Business course is getting highly popular among students.

he20514 bachelor of business assessment answer

The Bachelor of Business provides students with a solid foundation in all business sectors through eight common core disciplines taken in the first year. It also allows pursuing one or more areas of interest through a major or extended major, which one can begin in their second year. The major equips with in-depth expertise in a particular field of business. To supplement this specialised knowledge, students could pursue sub-majors or electives.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

The HE20514 Bachelor of Business course has been designed to give the students in-depth knowledge about any business organisation and their work culture. You will get to know and observe every aspect of the business. Moreover, the course also meets the Australian Qualifications Framework specifications.

  • Ability to work independently in the business environment, either in a group or individual
  • Understanding and applying various business practices and theories to develop the business organisation
  • Ability to communicate profoundly in terms of addressing and sharing ideas with the help of oral, written, visual or any other mode of communication
  • Contextualise and use business knowledge in various environments such as culture, ethics, global, and economic settings
  • Use of digital technologies to make rational decisions to address any business issue
  • Enhancement of the students’ critical and analytical thinking skills to resolve the employees' issues and queries and manage a healthy environment

These are the major learning outcomes of this course. It aims to develop your mind and skills. It can help you evolve, so if you need guidance to complete the course smoothly, you can take the HE20514 Bachelor of Business assignment help anytime.

he0514 bachelor of business assessment answers

What are the Assessment Criteria for this Course?

Our HE20514 Bachelor of Business academic assistance suggests that the course is vast and considers various assessment criteria. The various methods include -

  • Assignments
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • Journals/Write-ups
  • Tests
  • Examinations
he20514 bachelor of business assignment help

Throughout the course, you will come across several ups and downs; some topics would be easy, some would be complex, but don't worry. We are available all the time to provide you with the best assignment solutions on the HE20514 Bachelor of Business.

What Topics are Covered Under this Course?

The course outline for the Bachelor of Business covers almost every aspect of the business. From top to bottom, you will get information about everything. It has been divided into elective and major courses. So, our assignment experts have added here some common topics that you will come across during the course duration -

  • People and Organisations
  • Introduction to Markets and the Economy
  • Data Analysis for Business
  • Accountability and Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Business Strategy
  • Managerial Social Responsibility
  • Marketing and Customer Value
  • Fundamentals of Business Finance
  • Business and Social Impact
  • Accounting and Accountability
  • Business Statistics

Assignment Sample Completed under the Guidance of our Team

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he0514 bachelor of business assessment answers sample question

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Women in Entrepreneurship

Since the start of the GEM project in 1999, data has indicated that women participate in entrepreneurship in large numbers. However, the range is wide. Adult women are a readily available resource. Countries may tap into a reservoir of potential entrepreneurial activity to boost their economies. Furthermore, this possibility exists among countries at diverse stages of development, with varying demographic and labour force trends. Women rights differ widely from country to country, and that, despite national differences, women rights are respected. In most nations, women's involvement percentages are around two-thirds of men. These findings imply that many variables that impact males also affect women. When it comes to making business choices, the systematically reduced rate, on the other hand, the fact that there are some variances in female involvement shows some differences as well. Regrettably, The nature of these disparities, as well as their sources, remain unknown.

Source - Minniti, M., & Arenius, P. (2003, April). Women in entrepreneurship. In The entrepreneurial advantage of nations: First annual global entrepreneurship symposium (Vol. 29). United Nations.

Some Book Suggestions to Complete the Course Profoundly

A business course is like a sea; the deeper you go, the higher the chances of getting gemstones, isn't it? Likewise, you must go deeper into the course to understand the concept profoundly. Our experts have added some book suggestions for you. Take a look -

  • Handy, C. (2002). What is a business for?. Harvard business review, December.
  • Needle, D., & Burns, J. (2010). Business in context: An introduction to business and its environment. Boston: South-Western Cengage Learning.
  • Baron, D. P., & Baron, D. P. (2003). Business and its environment (p. 2). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.
  • Kalakota, R., & Robinson, M. (2000). e-Business. Roadmap for Success.
  • Boone, L. E., Kurtz, D. L., & Berston, S. (2019). Contemporary business. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Drucker, P. (1994). The theory of the business.
  • Piramal, G. (2000). Business maharajas. Penguin Books India.
  • McLuhan, M. (2015). Culture is our business. Wipf and Stock Publishers.
  • Drucker, P. F. (1963). Managing for business effectiveness. Harvard Business Review.
  • Ackerman, R. W. (2013). The social challenge to business. Harvard university press.

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