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HEA10004 Health Foundations Assignment Help Online

The Swinburne University of Technology offers the HEA10004 Digital health foundations course to the undergraduate students enrolled in Bachelor of Health Science or Bachelor of Arts programs. The course introduces the students to the dynamic world of health and the impact of Information communication technology (ICT) on modern healthcare settings. As part of this course, students learn the critical aspects of various technologies used in digital health care systems. They are familiarised with the role of technology and its impact on health. The students registered in this course appreciate the importance of applying certain tools to evaluate and analyse effective digital health implementation. If you are a student registered in the above course and facing issues with writing your HEA10004 Health foundations assessment answers, contact our subject expert team today!

HEA10004 health assignment academic assistance

Course Contents of HEA10004 Digital Health Foundations -

HEA10004 is a 12.5 credit course that requires a total of 150 hours of teaching through Lectures, seminars, tutorials, and Workshops. It also requires the students to get engaged in supplementary online activities, group assignments, and readings. The digital health foundations course is comprised of various topics as mentioned below:

  • A detailed overview of the digital health care system
  • The ever-changing and dynamic models of health care with special emphasis on the Australian health system models
  • Ideas and strategies for promoting the use of technology in health and health care
  • Evidence, evaluation, and assessment of digital health globally with special emphasis on the Australian health system
  • The future trends in digital health
  • The global perspectives on digital health

Being a student of this course is challenging as it takes tremendous efforts to cope with the study of the above course units and their respective content. If you face issues with writing your assignment solution on HEA10004 Digital Health Foundations, get in touch with our HEA10004 Digital Health Foundations experts immediately.

Career Prospects Associated with HEA10004 Course

Some of the potential career opportunities after completion of a course in digital health from any recognised university in Australia or other countries are listed below:

  • Health Systems And Service Designers
  • Data Analyst
  • Application And Systems Developer
  • Information Governance Manager
  • User Experience Consultant/Practitioner
  • Clinical Information Manager
  • Clinical Information Planning
  • Clinical Information Performance Manager

Some examples of possible employers are NHS, Apple, Accenture, Microsoft, and Google. As information technology and digital health make the core of many organisations worldwide, you will have numerous career opportunities in a variety of such industries.

HEA10004 health foundations assignment health

Assessment Scheme of Digital Health Foundations Course-

The assessment workload for a unit considers the total time devoted to study, including the assessment workload (i.e. formative and summative assessment) and the taught elements and independent study workload (i.e. lectures, seminars, preparatory work, practical activities, reading, critical reflection). The students usually have to undertake an individual assignment, a group project, and an individual project. Apart from this, students have to submit a portfolio as well. All these components require thorough research, understanding, and representation of the concepts involved for the topic assigned as part of the assessment. The students usually find it challenging to fulfil these requirements and seek assignment solutions on HEA10004 Digital Health Foundations.

Recent Advances in a Health Care Setting- Digital Health Care Solutions

According to recent research reported by Charalambous A. (2019), advances in digital health solutions can be utilised very effectively in managing cancer patients. Since many cancer patients in remote or rural areas lack access to conventional health care facilities, their routine monitoring is possible with the advent of digital health care setups. Similarly, the problem of universal access to care or after-care (follow-up) is highly challenging for a diverse group of patients. This is where information technology can help and promote patient-centred care.
As cancer care is complex, various IC tools help in tracking, follow-ups, coordination of patient tests, referrals, and outside care. One popular example of healthcare technology is the increasing use of “fitness bands.” This provides an individual to monitor their real-time heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, etc. In addition to this, sleep patterns and activity monitoring is also possible in certain patient groups, especially between the follow-up periods. In this way, digital health has surely transformed the traditional health care system today.

HEA10004 health foundations academic assistance online HEA10004 health foundations academic assistance online

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Charalambous, A. (2019). Utilising the Advances in Digital Health Solutions to Manage Care in Cancer Patients. Asia-Pacific journal of oncology nursing, 6(3), 234.

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