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A Panacea for HI5019 Strategic Information Systems Assessment Help!!!

Examinations and assignments have been blanching students for some time now.

HI5019 strategic information systems assignment help

But, it is a necessary evil. On one hand, you dream of going on a vacation on a weekend with friends or just sleep the stress out of the whole tiring week, and on the other, your conscience tells you to complete your assignment. You choose the latter.

You try whole-heartedly to complete it. This may turn out in two ways, either you tried doing it and you missed the deadline or you tried doing it but now a feeling of dread has settled in you about the grade that you will be getting on yourHI5019 Strategic Information Systems Case Study Assignment.

HI5019 strategic information systems assignment help

There may be many reasons other than those mentioned above. Students often miss the deadline despite putting serious efforts into their assignments and later regret not taking any guidance. We all ears to your request- do my applied strategic marketing assignment

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Students often think about why it is necessary to approach a Strategic Marketing Assignment writing service. We are here to give you a very discreet answer to rest your qualms about this. Here is what a student is required to cover in his assignment:-

  • You are required to explain the composition of SIS or throw light on their role in giving a competitive advantage to a business strategy.
  • Data is the raw material for this subject. So, you are expected to understand how information is stored in different hardware and software and how to collate it.
  • A student is required to manage data and segregate it using various Database management systems. You need to show a deep insight into this aspect. Generally, SPSS or Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences is used to process data.
  • You also need to reflect on the various components of the Information Technology and how networking is done.
  • Delve into the utility of systems that support business operations like TPS- Transaction Processing System and FAIS- Functional Area Information Systems.
  • AHI5019 Strategic Information System Group Assignmentmust include many support systems incorporated for decision making and business intelligence.

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  • To reflect how SCM-Supply Chain Management,CRM- Customer Relationship Management, ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning are applied to conclude future strategic planning that provides a reasonable foresight.
  • The inclusion of the effect of application software in the E-commerce industry would reflect your analytical and applied knowledge. As most of the users in online retail businesses operate from smartphones, the effect of those can't be ignored too.
  • You need to understand the challenges that one can face while collecting data and how false and repeated data could be identified and avoided.
  • Privacy and cybersecurity are one of the components of this subject.
  • You need to keep in mind the ethical code of business too.

Yes, it is quite a lot to take care of but we are here to proffer you what we do the best i.e. astute guidance on your HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise.

In addition to all of this, many research techniques are applied to have the correct and reliable data. These are as follows:-

  • Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient Test is applied to data collected to test the reliability. It is conducted to ascertain whether the same results would come if the proposed hypothesis or research is conducted later or with different samples.
  • The validity of the same is tested based on the Spearman Correlation Analysis. It checks whether the survey or the test that was conducted to establish the existence of a certain fact was successful in doing so or it failed to give any intelligible information. For example, the result of Likert's scale could be processed through these procedures to get a clear picture.
  • Some general calculations and formulas of statistics are required to analyze and segregate the data like calculating mean, measures of dispersion, maintaining tables, etc. by applying its principles, raw data is synthesized to give meaningful information that can be further processed to get the desired results.
  • Pearson Correlation Coefficient or Pearson's are applied to establish a correlation between two variables and its value ranges from -1 to +1.
  • Regression Analysis is also done to realize the dependency of multiple variables or predictors or covariates upon a single one and their relationship.
HI5019 strategic information systems Assessment Answer HI5019 strategic information systems assignment help

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