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Higher Geography Assignment Help at Sample Assignment involves assisting students in understanding and writing their assigned tasks of Geography. Our experts of higher geography assignment help services explain that Geography is that branch which studies everything about the characters and the place and also about the relationships between these two. Assignments on higher geography need the expertise of real facts and figures as it requires real-time data, which keeps on changing. As a reliable higher geography Assignment Helper, we promise to deliver content sited from trusted and authentic sources. Besides higher geography homework help, we also offer Physical Geography assignment help to students on special request.

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History and Origin Of Geography

According to our higher geography assignment writers, the early distinction made by some Greeks between regional descriptions, or choreography, and general claims about the Earth as a whole or general geography (what could now be called systematic geography), was taken up during the seventeenth century and was mainly reinforced by Bernhard Varenius (1622-1650).

Higher Geography Assignment Help

In his work Geographia Generalis, it can be read: "Geography is that part of mixed mathematics that applies the constitution of the Earth and its parts according to quantity, that is, its shape, situation, magnitude, and movement, about the celestial appearances ".

Of German origin, Varenius is known as "the father of modern geography" because, despite having a very short life, his proposals were widely disseminated and influenced the study of geography for many years after his death. Among the aspects proposed by Varenius are establishing the limits of geography as a discipline of knowledge.

Role OF Geography In Education Explained By Higher Geography Assignment Experts

The fact that today's society faces a world that is increasingly dynamic, chaotic, and full of problems, generates the need to implement a renewed, strong, and at the same time flexible educational system where geography must play a prominent role.

At this time, it is assumed that what is truly important in the teaching of Geography is not trying to describe or explain everything that is observed on the surface of the earth. But to understand how the spaces occupied by human societies are organized or, in other words, another way, how societies function in their spaces (Rodrguez, 2000: 83).

To understand the functioning of human societies in their spaces, geography must, through the educational system, provide students and the general public with a series of tools, methods, concepts, and values, among which the most prominent are:

  • Provides and develops in students a good number of basic mental and instrumental skills for understanding spaces, for example, graphically or the ability to make graphic representations of reality, which has been defined by Balchin, cited by Bailey, how. "Fundamentally the communication of spatial information that cannot be adequately transmitted by verbal or numerical means" (Bailey, 1981: 22). Likewise, it develops the visuality or ability to observe landscapes, the measurement, or the ability to perform calculations and mathematical operations on space, geography provides the basic skills for the development of fieldwork.

It provides a series of fundamental theoretical concepts for understanding the spatial dynamics of societies, such as space, place, scale, among others, which allow a more precise vision and analysis of human society and its spaces. It generates the ability to identify and analyze the new dimensions of man-environment relations, which each day becomes complex. Because of the enormous capacity that man has acquired to modify the environment considerably through the great technological and scientific development achieved in the last fifty years.

It forms in students a geographical spirit that allows them to embrace the elements of geographical space and perceive the relationships that exist between them. This allows them to discover the real problems of societies and their spaces and to assume critical positions about the proposed solutions or the lack of solutions.

  • Generates in students an ethical value that leads them to assume an attitude of respect and tolerance towards others and towards nature, making them aware of the dangers that the abuse that nature and layers of violence entail for humanity. The world population.
  • It can generate a political conscience that favors a social and political change in a system that, like the capitalist system, has only generated huge problems and vicissitudes for most of the population.

If we analyze the previous contributions that geography, can make to citizens in general and students in particular, as part of the educational process. We can conclude that this discipline plays a prominent role in today's society and is called to become a fundamental science in this 21st century that is just beginning.

Higher Geography Assignment Help Higher Geography Assignment Help

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