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Write Perfect HLTHPS007 Administer And Monitor Medications Assessment Answer With Expert Help

Are you looking for advanced skills as a health professional? If you want to learn about administering medications, then this course is your perfect choice. With the help of this course, you will learn how to administer the medications safely to people in the healthcare environment. Demonstration of medications is done on the people, which constitutes the mandatory part of the course. The administration must be done under the supervision of aboriginal healthcare professionals or endorse enrolled nurses, registered nurses, and qualified assessors. You can also check and download HLTHPS007 Administer and monitor medications assignment sample online to get ready references for your pending assignments. The samples used here are taken from the recently solved assignment from our experts. Our academic writers have submitted thousands of HLTHPS007 Administer and monitor medications assessment answers till now. You too can take help from our academic experts to get HLTHPS007 assignment help online.

routes of medication administration

Course Outline and Learning Outcome of the Course

Outline of the Course

  • The course unit describes the skills and knowledge applied to administer the medications to people and observe them, and all this is done under the supervision of a qualified health professional, as per the rule and legislation and the organisations’ medication and delegation practices and policies.
  • This course is also applied by community service professionals and healthcare workers with the relevant authority from the government of their state or territory to administer the required medication and also monitor them as per the instruction given by the healthcare professional.
  • Units in Certification course consist of-
  • Understanding prescriptions and medication
  • Storage, supply, and disposal of medication
  • Record-keeping and audit processes for medication
  • Understanding the requirements for the administration of medication safely
HLTHPS007 administer and monitor medications assessment answer

What will you achieve after the completion of the course?

  • Reporting the potential threat related to the administration of medication to the healthcare representative.
  • Clarifying self role and hindrance in assisting with the administration of medications with professional healthcare representative.
  • Checking the prescribed medication of the client as per the organisation rules and guidelines and delegation from the professional healthcare representative.
  • Managing or decomposing the medication equipment and used containers as per the guidelines issued by infection control.

Basic skills required to complete this course

  • Students should be good at practical laboratory skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and should be confident.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Willing to work in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team.
  • Leadership skills and potentials to motivate as well as manage others.

Career Prospects after Course Completion

To ensure proper and safe administration of medicine to adults under social care services and the staff who are working on the administration of medication should be properly trained and competent.

HLTHPS007 administer and monitor medications assessment answer

Here are some of the jobs which you will get after completing the course in Administer And Monitor Medications-

  • Senior care assistant
  • Pharmacy assistant
  • Health and social care assistant
  • Advisory roles in government bodies and medical charities
  • Medical Sales and marketing

Top Ranked Universities in Australia Providing Course in Administer And Monitor Medications

  • University of Tasmania
  • University of Western Australia
  • Deakin University
  • Victoria University
  • CQUniversity
  • University of Sydney
  • Institute Of Health And Nursing Australia
the seven rs of medicine administration

Peer-Reviewed Research Paper on Administer And Monitor Medications

A Systematic Review Showing the Quality Indicators for Safe Medication Preparation and Administration

In this paper medical harm to hospitalized patients is discussed due to medication errors. Medication preparation, as well as the administration phase, is the main cause for one-third of all errors that occurs in the administration of medication, which is the nursing activity. Evidence-based indicators for quality has been used to evaluate, monitor, and improve the safety and quality of medication administration. In the study, it was identified that 64 papers were reviewed in detail out of 1683 studies and among that only 5 met the criteria of inclusion. According to the domains of AIRE, all studies are clear in their purpose and approach.

In most of the studies, stakeholders are involved with reasonable evidence. The indicators were used scarcely in the studies. In total 21 indicators were recognized, among which 5 were structure indicators (high alert medication and safety management), 11 were process indicators (protocols and verification), and 5 were outcome indicators (ex. Death and harm). Seven rights were covered by these quality indicators partially.

Although the identified quality indicators are very minimal in number still they will prove to be the excellent starting point for future research and development in the field of nursing and the particular quality indicators to check the safety of medications. This can be done by administering the medications to the right patients, through the right route, at right time, and with the right documentation, there is a good opportunity to develop the quality indicators.

Check Out Our HLTHPS007 Administer and Monitor Medications Assignment Sample Online

Our academic professionals will help you to approach this assignment or any similar assignment by giving you some tips on how they will take up this assignment. You can take HLTHPS007 assignment help online to complete your assignment and get HD grades. Doing these assignments require a lot of research and analysis, but don’t worry now, our academic assignment helpers will help you to complete your task on time. We are mentioning the steps our tutors applied while guiding how to write the HLTHPS007 administer and monitor medications assessment answer. Have a look at them one by one.

HLTHPS007 administer and monitor medications assessment answer sample online HLTHPS007 administer and monitor medications assessment answer sample assessment 3 simulation observation

In the attached sample in Administer and Monitor Assignment Help, questions were asked in three sections. In the first section, 25 short answer type questions were asked. In the second section research project-based or case study based questions were asked and in the third section simulation observation is asked based on different scenarios.

To answer the questions in the first section, students must delegate the word count carefully of every question. After checking the word count proceed with the research on the topic by using keywords involved in the questions to get accurate answers and frame those answers in your own words to avoid plagiarism. Questions in the second section of the assessment are also attempted after understanding the case study or research project following the linking of answers to their respective keywords. For the third section which consists of simulation observation, we observe in a natural setting followed by analyzing it considering our perception.

So these steps are guided by our academic experts to write the HLTHPS007 assessment answers. You can refer to these steps for completing your assignments.

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