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Diabetes affects 1.7 million Australians, with another 2 million at high risk of getting the disease. Diabetes has a significant financial and emotional impact on the well-being of individuals who suffer from it, and it creates a growing strain on the economy, labor, and healthcare system. With a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education, your specialized knowledge will be appreciated in both diabetes prevention and enabling people who currently have diabetes to better manage their disease. Graduates have a critical role in supporting current and future generations' health.

Practical learning experiences bring theory to life while also providing genuine contexts in which to improve your skills and create essential professional networks. University students have recently had the opportunity to work in specialty diabetic services such as pediatric clinics, rural Aboriginal health services, and tertiary hospitals. Students can also attend a three-day workshop with some of the field's most recognized education professionals to learn about cutting-edge methods for diabetes teaching and management.

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HND701 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of the Course:

  • Investigate the origin, incidence, pathophysiology, and clinical manifestations of pre-diabetes and the pathophysiologic mechanisms that affect health and well-being.
  • Examine a clinical examination that includes diabetes management guidelines, diagnostic criteria, and additional pathology tests.
  • Examine the care of a person with diabetes mellitus using evidence-based practice approaches.
  • Apply lifestyle and pharmaceutical treatment concepts to people with diabetes mellitus.
  • Determine the examination, prevention, and management of chronic diabetic problems.

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HND701 Assessment Answers

Career Opportunity:

Diabetes education, prevention, and management are becoming increasingly crucial for health professionals in Australia and throughout the world due to the disease's prevalence.

Graduates will be able to work in a range of government, private health, hospital, and community settings, providing client-centered, evidence-based clinical treatment and self-management education programs. Expand your knowledge or explore new opportunities in diabetes treatment and prevention.

This course will help with professional growth and autonomous practice, but it will not lead to certification as a diabetes educator.

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HND701 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetes education is recommended for all people with type 1 diabetes. It makes no difference how long you've had diabetes. People who have completed a course have more stabilized blood glucose levels and fewer negative interactions. Numerous people who have taken these courses say they have changed their lives.

Diabetes educators can empower people to control their diabetes as physicians control their treatment. They educate, coach, and lead patients so that they grasp diabetes and how it impacts their daily life, and they help with them to develop (and fulfill) behavior modification objectives to impact their health.

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