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Are you stuck with your chronic illness and supportive care assignments? Not able to understand what to write in the introduction and what in the conclusion? Don't worry; take the experts guidance with HNN319 assessment answers. Here you will get an extensive idea about this course.

The care helps to improve the life and the quality of individuals who are going through disease or illness by treating or preventing it as soon as required. There are so many symptoms as well as side-effects of the diseases that are caused by the wrong treatment of the disease. That's why supportive care is required. It includes social, physical, spiritual and psychological support to all the patients as well as their families. You will find several types of support of care. Such instances include nutritional support, exercise, pain management, and counselling, palliative care, meditation and music therapy. Their supportive care is also provided with all the other types of treatments from the treatment time, and it goes on throughout life.

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HNN319 Assessment Answers

How Supportive Care is helpful to the Patients?

Our HNN319 dissertation help experts have listed below the important facts you need to know:

  • What is meant by supportive care, and why should you take that?
  • Several organisations have their own ways of using the term supportive care. Previously all the doctors used to talk about supporting their patients with crucial functions, but they did not try to cure their patience as the supportive techniques measure.

    Day by day, it has changed. It is not all about doing favours. Now supportive care means all about the symptoms of a patient that are managed and assisted, and it is checked that their objectives and they are guided in the treatment program.

  • When should you call that standard medical practice?
  • All of these procedures may look like good medicine, and of course, they are. They may not always receive the level of care that nurses and doctors would provide.

    Care always focuses on alleviating suffering, which is helpful in these situations. In reality, providing emotional and practical support to patients should be a priority from the very first stages of treatment for chronic illnesses. Through medicine, it occurs simultaneously with all other activities.

  • What is the process of receiving supportive care?
  • During this type of routine medical care check-up, supportive care is provided. It means focusing on the treatment, which is crucial to the patients.

    In certain cases, this indicates that the original strategy will no longer include any other actions. When it occurs, it also shows that the patient is ready to go into hospice care.

  • What does supportive care do?
  • In the medical field, procedures are repeated simply because that is the standard operating procedure. A patient has symptom X. Thus; students can provide treatment Z. The emphasis of supportive treatment is all on the person's illness and quality of life rather than on curative therapies.

    Students have to look for such questions as - Is there any discomfort there? Is it anxiety? Do they know what's wrong and what they're doing about it? And if they go in this direction, then what? Is everybody in the family informed?

  • Who gives comfort care?
  • When providing comfort, it may be necessary to bring in a team of experts in palliative care for a consultation. Advance care planning needs discussions regarding potential medical procedures that may be needed in the future. Often, this is what a primary care physician or other provider works on, but there are situations when he or she will need assistance.

  • Why is Supportive Care important?
  • How to deal with the situation: If you are a patient or a loved one is dealing with a life-threatening disease, you may benefit from receiving supportive care. When combined with standard care, it adds a significant benefit.

    Reducing symptoms and boosting recovery are two proven outcomes of providing comprehensive supportive care to patients.

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HNN319 assessment answers

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HNN319 Assessment Answers

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Supportive care is the best palliative care, not having any type of anti-cancer therapies. For all the patients who have lung cancer, anti-cancer therapy and BSC are important for improving QOL as well as their survival.

It mainly lasts for several years in many cases. You can also get palliative care at any stage throughout your disease or illness. It also includes intensive care throughout the entire life.

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