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Human Resource Management (HRM) defines the processes by which companies plan, organize, and manage the tasks and assets related to the people who work for the organization. And when we talk about HRM dissertation, we have to take care of minute details related to management and planning. As naive, students struggle to write dissertation topics related to HRM, and thus they look for  HRM dissertation help  from us.

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What Is HRM, And Why Is It So Important?

The impact of HR management can be noticeable in the company if its policies are managed properly. It must be taken into account that this area is the link between the mission, vision, and values of the company and the employees who work in it. If getting employees and management goals to go along the same lines is difficult, getting employees committed and motivated to those goals is even more difficult. Human resource management has the function of communicating all these policies and worrying about promoting the values of the organization in employees. For this, it is essential to analyze the leadership models that exist in the organization, the existing communication channels, the address or addresses in which communication between the management and employees travels.

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Ultimately, human resource management covers all the areas necessary for employees to stop having the feeling that it is "the payroll department" and to constitute a department that cares about each of the people within the organization. Achieving this implies an improvement in the work environment, a greater sense of belonging to the organization, a greater degree of organizational awareness, and, consequently, greater performance and productivity data that greatly facilitate the daily operations of the company.

Responsibilities Of HRM

Establish The Personnel Selection Policy- Through the competency management system and using tools such as the job description, human resources management is in charge of defining the selection and reception process of new employees in the company. Some of the related tasks are curriculum screening, interviews, and entrance examinations, candidate evaluation, and welcoming of new employees.

Establish A Training Policy- HRM is in charge of preparing the company's training plan. To do this, it must take into account the needs of the organization, the departments, and the employment situation of each employee within the talent map.

Establish The Performance Evaluation Policy- HRM is the one that designs the employee evaluation processes: what is evaluated, who evaluates, when ... It is also important to define what feedback employees get from their superiors about their performance at work, how often, etc.

Establish The Remuneration Policy-The remuneration policy is one of the most sensitive policies within the organization. Not having a well-defined and structured policy can lead to daily chaos in conflict management caused by comparative grievances or perceptions of injustice. Human resource management defines the salary levels or bands, the remuneration package (fixed and variable remuneration and other benefits) for each position, the social benefits, the flexible remuneration system, or any other incentive system.

Talent Management- A very important task within human resource management is the definition of talent in the organization. From it, the talent map will be structured, which will define where each employee is within the organization based on the performance they are executing and the potential they have. This aspect is especially important in internal promotion situations.

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Working Environment- HR is the area in charge of promoting a good work environment among colleagues in the organization. About this aspect, events or actions aimed at improving the work environment and spreading the company's values can be launched.

Administration- The administrative part of the department could not be absent. This area includes the most administrative tasks such as the preparation of payroll, the legal aspects of hiring, the necessary documents in case of dismissals, the management and updating of the employee file, etc.

What Is Human Capital Management In HRM?

Human capital is understood as the conception of the company's human resources from a more economic perspective. The personnel expenses of a company are usually among the main expenses of the same, whatever its main activity. For this reason, it is important to analyze the impact of human resources from an economic point of view.  

What Are The Objectives Of HRM?

Our HRM dissertation experts have previously detailed the objectives that emanate from each of the functions in which human resources management is involved. In general terms, we could define that the main objective of good human resources management is to align the objectives of the company with the objectives of the people who work in it, always ensuring that the company achieves its objectives while ensuring the well-being of all workers.

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