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An organization functions with the efforts of the most valuable asset, human resources. Human resources or workforce is the asset of the organization that uses its skills to help the organization achieve its goals. To manage the human resources, the organization appoints human resource managers. Human resource management is increasing day by day.

human resource management academic assistance through online tutoring

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Human resource management is a concept that has various sub-topics and procedures. Before writing an assignment on human resource management, it is important to know these in brief.

What Are Human Resources?

The workforce or the manpower of an organization is known as human resources. They are the most precious and valuable assets for any organization. To manage human resources, every organization has an HR department headed by an HR manager. HR department looks after various aspects of the employment.

The HR manager has various functions to perform like, select and recruit the employees, train the employees, look after the needs of employees, understand the need for staff, etc.

Understanding Human Resource Management with Human Resource Management Assignment Expert

The department in the organization that manages the people is known as human resource management. It looks at the need of the employees and does the needful. The evaluation and examination of human resources are also looked after by human resource management.

The human resource manager has various qualities such as multitasker, leadership, team player, motivator, great communication skills, decisiveness, conflict management skills, etc.

There are certain steps involved in human resource management. The steps are as follows:

  1. Recruitment, selection, and placement
  2. Training and development
  3. Job evaluation
  4. Merit rating and promotions, transfers, and demotions.

Basics Of Human Resource Management Explained By Human Resource Management Assignment Writers

Several elements are considered as the foundation of human resource management. These are the basic elements and play a role in forming effective HRM policies.

  1. Recruitment and selection- The HR manager is in charge of finding the best and suitable talent for a vacancy in the organization and recruit the employee. The recruitment process involves several steps. These steps are recruitment planning, strategy development, searching, screening, and evaluation and control. The information about the vacancies is also generated by the HR manager.
  2. Performance management- After recruiting the employee, it becomes important to evaluate their performances to improve performance in the organization. There is an annual performance management cycle that the organizations use to judge the performances. This cycle involves planning, monitoring, reviewing, and rewarding the performance of the employees. Improving the performance of the employees is one of the basic works of the HR manager.
  3. Learning and development- Many times there are trainees and interns who join the organization. It is the responsibility of the HR manager to look after their training sessions and make them familiar with the working of the organization. For the existing employees, the HR manager arranges the development programs or training sessions to keep them up to date with the surroundings.
  4. Succession planning- When the employees are trained for higher positions when their seniors are promoted, transferred, or leave the company is known as succession planning. It develops the capability and availability of experienced employees in the organization.
  5. Compensation and benefits- The money value of the employees is calculated by the HR managers. They are the ones who are responsible for the compensation and other benefits of the employees. There are two types of compensation known as primary compensation and secondary compensation. The HR aims to reward the employees for their good work and motivate them.
human resource management academic assistance through online tutoring human resource management academic assistance through online tutoring

Tools Used In Human Resource Management

  1. Human resource information system- The basic elements discussed above are managed by the human resource information system. It keeps the track of application, performances, leaves, etc. It is a data-entry system.
  2. HR data and analytics- It has become more popular in the past few years. This tool allows the Hr manager to make better and well-informed decisions.

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