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Right from the time when a human born, he has some basic rights with him. These rights will be with him until the very end of life. These are called Human Rights. As these are the basic rights of humans, everyone should know about them. That's why schools and universities force students to learn them from the very starting. The best way to do that is by providing Human right assignment. The students of universities rarely have that much of time due to many reasons such as part-time job, low time to work ratio, tight schedule.

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That's why they need Human rights law assignment help. As students face the problem of lack of time or knowledge, they have to switch to some expert to get help with human rights law assignment. Sample Assignment services are human rights law assignment services that provide the services online to many countries such as Australia, the US, UK, Germany. Our human rights law assignment experts have in-depth knowledge of human rights in different countries, including the United Nations. The experience includes various case studies and much creative proposed perspective too.

human rights law assignment help

What are the basic Human Rights?

As per the United Nations, there are 30 human rights. Not every human right is accepted by different countries. Our experts can explain the salient features and privileges attached to these laws. The basic human rights are:

human rights law assignment help experts

Right to Live

As per the Human Rights Act 1948, every human has the right to live a free life as that person wants. No other person or institution can take this right from anyone until that person is following the law of the particular nation. As soon as any person breaks the law of the country that they are in, this right can be taken by the judiciary of that country.

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Every human has the freedom to practice and has a belief in any religion. No one can stop or create any obstruction to stop the practice. In these cases, the person who is trying to create the obstruction, he/she will be charged by the judiciary system.

Right for Fair-Trial and Justice

As per the Human rights act 1948, every human will have the chance to prove their innocence. Not, in any case, this right can be taken from any human. If anyone breaks the law, he/she will have a fair chance to prove their innocence.

Right of Equality

Every human born in this world will be equal in the perspective of the judiciary system. There will be no discrimination based on caste, color, gender, and religion. In the human rights law assignment help, our experts keep the focus on the specific right or the case study they are dealing with.

Right of Privacy

This is the right that can protect the personal life and agenda coming out in public. Yet, in many conditions, countries give power to some authorities to violate this rule. This action will take place only when that authority member has some strong evidence to do so. Human rights law assignment services give the correct point of view regarding the privacy of any human.

Freedom of Expression and Speech

For a human only living and practicing the religion is not the free life until, he/she has the complete freedom to express their emotions, thinking or speech. UN has given the freedom of speech, yet it controls such that it doesn't hurt others too. This is why students need help with human rights law assignment.

human rights law assignment help human rights law assignment help

Treaties with Countries and its Implementation

human rights law assignment help online

Along with human rights, there are many treaties between two countries or the UN and any country. These treaties help different counties to improve the living status of the fellow countrymen. Every treaty is created to keep improving the status of rights. There are a lot of international treaties that are able to clear the extent of the rights and keep improving them. Some of them are:

  • Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (CSR)
  • Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPCG)
  • International Convention on Protection of Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families (ICRMW)

There are many more treaties; some are regional or continental too. That's why our human rights law assignment service providers keep an eye on every activity. This way, our expert can provide the best possible assignment to students seeking human rights law assignment help.

Along with the treaties, our human rights law assignments help experts provide the roadmap and every step of the implementation technique. If human rights law assignment expert is giving an example or assignment of any specific country, then it is suitable they are from that country.

Many times countries have their own version of human rights (which is more suitable for the country). In this condition, countries don't agree with the UN human rights. Such as, India has its own minimum wage rule, pregnant female health care rule (regarding maternity leave), and child labor rule. That being the reason, India didn't sign these rules.

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