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The computer organisation and the architecture is the elaborated study about structuring internal working that helps to implement a computer system. Computer architecture is all about the outer visual elements of that system. In computer science, all the external visual elements are all about the way a computer system is visible to all the program Logix, which is not visible to the human eyes. Organising a computer system is a type of practical implementation that helps to implement practically the results to realise the architectural objectives of a computer system. In simple terms, the architecture of a particular computer system is all about a Catalogue or listings of those tools that are available for all the operators who are using this system. So, all the tools efficiently can get used in a proper way.

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ICT201 assessment answers

What Students Need to Know About the Computer Architecture and Organisation Course?

All the students in this course will develop an understanding of how the computer system is operated by learning about the fundamental ideas of computer architecture organization. The most common RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) platform will serve as the basis for the examples and demonstrations provided. The concepts difficulties will be conveyed to the participants using illustrative examples pictures. Participants will be taken through a comprehensive overview of this discipline, beginning with the fundamentals.

What are the Top Details to Get the Certificate for this Course?

With ICT201 dissertation help, it is mainly a 12-week course of the best 8 out of 12 assignment marks that will get calculated as the final result.

ICT201 Assessment Answers

What are the Top Three Categories of Computer Architecture?

Students will have to learn about the top three categories of computer architecture, and all of these work as a proper machine function.

  • Systems designs
  • The system design includes every part of computer hardware with a multi-processor data processor, direct memory access and memory controllers. It also adds the types of graphics processing units as GPU. This part is mainly called the physical computer system.

  • ISA- Instruction set architecture
  • This is all about the CPU's capabilities and functions (CPU). This is the language used to write embedded software, so it specifies the kinds of tasks that can be executed by that software. This component consists of data formats as well as the programmed instruction set, so it's what makes the system run, like the operating system on a PC and iOS on an Apple iPhone.

  • Microarchitecture -
  • The computation storage elements, as well as how they should be incorporated into the ISA, are defined by microarchitecture, often known as computer organization. What constitutes an ISA's hardware implementation in a given processor is the means through which that ISA is actually implemented.

ICT201 assessment answers

What is the Evolution of the Processors Students Need to Know About?

The processor architecture comes with two major processors; those are

  • (RISC) reduced instruction set computers and
  • (CISC) complex instruction set computers.

Several types of different commands can be executed by a CISC processor's limited register set or single processing unit. One benefit of single instruction per task processors is that they help to simplify programming by instructing fewer lines of code to complete the same result. Nonetheless, this method can slow down the execution of instructions and consume less RAM as a whole.

The High-performance processors are the product of new data that resulted in the RISC architecture. You can keep the hardware as basic as fast as possible so that even the most complex tasks may be accomplished with the simplest commands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Organization & Architecture is all about the analysis of structuring, internal working, & implementation of any computer system. The proper Architecture in any computer system, identical to anywhere else, directs to the externally visual characteristics of that system.

The computer organisation is also called micro architecture. This computer architecture comes with several types of logical functions like registers, instruction sets, addressing mode and data types. There are physical units involved in computer organisation consisting of adders, circuit designs and peripherals.

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