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So, before starting, let's know about the gist of the course you have taken.

This course helps all the students to apply their practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge that they have acquired throughout the period of their course study in the (master of technology) program. This course also prepares the students for implementing and developing the real-world industry best work in a team.

This course consists of two projects -

  • Project 1 - Capstone ICT728
  • Project 2 - Capstone ICT729

In this course, students can evaluate their design and proposal, which they have already developed in capstone ICT728, i.e. Project1. And then, they can implement their findings for ICT 729, i.e. Project2.

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ICT729 Assessment Answers

What will you Learn from Different Levels of this Course?

Here, mainly students need to gain skills from graduate diplomas and graduate certification at level one. In the next level, they will have to go through other subjects and finally, at level three, they will learn about the master's degree programmes. Let's check out the levels here -

1st level - This level is called the foundation level. Here students can learn techniques, skills and theories from the gist of the subject they are studying and apply them in standalone contexts.

2nd level - You can call this an intermediate level. Here students are going to apply their techniques, theory and skills in more complex situations. And also, they can start integrating their application with the other subjects.

3rd level - It is an advanced level. Here Postgraduate students can take help from the ICT729 Alleviate Pain Mobile App assignment sample online. At this level, students will get the authority to plan and research their techniques, skills and theories of the particular subject in several types of situations, i.e., simple and complex. Here they can integrate their application with a huge range of other subjects. But the application should be within the course context.

ICT729 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

Students in this field are expected to gain knowledge and expertise to complete this course. They can also use ICT729 Alleviate Pain Mobile App for academic assistance if they face any difficulties.

  • Students have to manage a specified problem in the field of IT from its design and then have to come to a conclusion with a simple solution.
  • Students have to be a part of an IT team. They have to go through the problem part. And then manage and assess all the management as well as ethical issues.
  • During the development of such an implementation plan, they must apply all the research evidence they have collected.
  • Have a sustainable ability to construct, analyse and finally synthesis the arguments that they have learned to justify a solution.
  • Students must use upgraded tools, theories related to information technology, opportunities and trends to find a solution to the given problem.

Also, throughout this course, students have to go through a prototyping workshop. Here they will learn about implementation planning, working with different teams, and the time management process.

Topics Covered in this Course -

Students must be part of regular lectures and tutorials and get online teaching sources. They will also have to collect reading class materials so that they can easily answer the assignments containing discussion and exercise boards.

The topics they need to cover throughout the course are -

  • Introduction of project 1 ICT728 and project 2 ICT 729.
  • Methodologies of project evaluation
  • Managing steps of implementation
    • Step1
    • Step2
  • Testing all the strategies and plans
  • Improve presentation skills and management of all the projects.

To understand the course thoroughly, students have to attend lectures and classes on a regular basis.

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ICT729 Assessment Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this course, you will have to know how the specific topics are structured, and they are covered through tutorials, lectures and practical classes. You can download the assignment solution to understand the whole process in a simple way.

The course fee depends on the financial year fee structure of the college. But the range comes between 31,600 AUD - 45,600 AUD.

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