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This section explains the skills and knowledge needed to determine customer goals and technological requirements, as well as create a database that satisfies those objectives. It pertains to people who work in jobs such as system administrators or designers who must create databases. At the time of writing, there are no licensing, legislative, or certification requirements for this unit.

Database design refers to a collection of strategies used to help in the invention, development, implementation, and maintenance of business data management systems. A well-designed database is easy to manage, improves data consistency, and conserves disk space. The database designer decides how the data should be linked and what information should be kept. The fundamental aims of DBMS database structures are to produce physical and logical prototypes of the desired relational database.

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ICTDBS506 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of ICTDBS506 Course

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  1. Consider your database's needs:
    • Perform a user-needs study with the appropriate staff to assess database performance constraints.
    • Evaluate technical requirements based on user-needs analysis.
    • Create a database conceptual model based on organizational needs.
    • Distribute the conceptual model to the appropriate employees.
    • Evaluate and respond to feedback, then make any necessary changes.
  2. Create a logical data model.
    • Identify data types and properties
    • Carry out attribute normalisation.
    • Create an organization (ER) diagram and define relationship attribute values.
    • Include attributes, normalized data, and an ER diagram in your documentation.
    • Distribute documents to the appropriate people and solicit and respond to feedback.
  3. Create data objects:
    • Comply with technical specifications when validating primary and external keys.
    • Recognize referential integrity restrictions as well as organizational business principles.
    • Define and incorporate data warehousing constraints into database design.
    • Create data validations, indexes, and a database management system.
    • Create a database architecture that adheres to organizational standards and procedures.
  4. Questionnaire methods, presentations, and statistics
    • Create a database based on the needs of the organization.
    • Create the necessary queries and generate summaries.
    • Contrast the physical design with the research model and costs to consumers.
    • Include all necessary modifications in the database design.
    • They create access control and security systems.
    • Examine the existing corporate security plan and use it as the foundation for the design.
    • Create a password and authorization system for the database.
    • Determine the needs of a large number of users.
    • Create the appropriate organizational access profiles.
  5. Validate the database design.
    • Evaluate the database's data backup and recovery needs for the database.
    • Create and document database restoration and backup processes.
    • Distribute the database and documents to the appropriate employees.
    • Request and respond to appropriate person input.
    • Obtain final task approval from all relevant parties.
ICTDBS506 Assessment Answers

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ICTDBS506 assessment answers

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Database design is the process of organizing data in accordance with a database model. The designer determines what data must be preserved as well as how the data adaptation to one another. With this information, they may begin fitting the data to the database model. The database control software manages the data properly.

The database model is hierarchical. System implementation of relationships An object-oriented database model.

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