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International Criminal law assignment help

History Of International Criminal Law

Post World War II, the allied powers established an international tribunal. The goal was to action against war crimes and crimes against humanity, such as the crimes committed by Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Moreover, the Nuremberg Tribunal organized its first session in 1945 and set up an identical tribunal for Japan war crimes, i.e. the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. Our assignment writers in Australia can also provide you with historical facts concerning what happened in Bosnia after the beginning of the war and how the government tackled it through the International Criminal tribunals set up by them during that time.

Why International Criminal Law?

Students pursuing this course find it challenging as it comprises several laws and historical facts. However, the subject assists the student to develop his understanding regarding the concept of individual criminal responsibility for international crimes.

International Criminal Law Assignment Help

The program will provide you with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of key institutions and procedures of international law, including substantive law. However, if you study the course seriously, you will become familiar with the most crucial primary sources of the law and scholarly commentaries on it. Moreover, it helps you gain awareness of several controversies, problems and tensions in the law and develop the research skills that will help you evaluate and examine further developments.

Here are the topics covered by our law assignment writing service experts

  • LWM30A General context and international crimes before national courts
  1. Direct criminal responsibility under international law
  2. International law principles of State jurisdiction
  3. Piracy
  4. Customary international law and treaty law
  5. Treaty provisions requiring States to criminalize conduct (including terrorism and torture)
  • LWM30B International criminal courts and tribunals
  1. Fair trial rights appeals, revision and enforcement of sentences before international criminal courts and tribunals
  2. Cooperation with international criminal courts and tribunals
  3. Investigations, prosecutions, evidence and procedure before international criminal courts and tribunals
  4. Jurisdiction and structure of international criminal courts and tribunals
  • LWM30C The core international crimes (crimes within the jurisdiction of international tribunals)
  1. Crimes against humanity
  2. Aggression and crimes against peace
  3. The elements of international crimes
  4. Genocide
  5. War Crimes
  • LWM30D General principles of international criminal law
  1. Modes of participation in crimes and concurrence of crimes
  2. But dedere aut judicare (“extradite or prosecute”) and unlawful abductions
  3. Defences
  4. Jurisdictional immunities

However, if you have any queries concerning the given topics, you can connect with our online International Criminal law assignment help in Australia.

What Are The Categories Of International Crime?

  • Trafficking of human beings
  • Slave trade
  • Aeroplane Hijacking
  • Terrorism
  • Piracy

Furthermore, if you want a detailed session on these categories and the laws related to them, then our International Criminal law assignment assistance can help you out.

A Sample Question Received by Our International Criminal Law Assignment Writing Service Provider

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International Criminal Law Assignment Question Online International Criminal Law Assignment Question


International Criminal Law Assignment Question Answer International Criminal Law Question Answer

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International Criminal law assignment assistance

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