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ISYS3408 Blockchain For Business Assessment Answers

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Any company, and perhaps the essence of every business, will undergo significant changes due to blockchain. This technology will change the way businesses are funded and managed and how they generate value and conduct fundamental operations like marketing and accounting.

isys3408 blockchain for business assessment answers

This course will teach you how blockchain technology will be integrated into organizational structures. You'll learn how blockchain may be used to manage and safeguard intellectual property, as well as how it will change the C-functions. You'll be able to recognize the various layers of the blockchain technology stack and describe how they impact blockchain system governance. You'll also be able to identify seven attributes that a location in the globe requires to thrive.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

Here is a list of the learning outcomes mentioned here by our ISYS3408 Blockchain for Business academic assistance. Check a look -

  • Explain how blockchain technology will change the way businesses operate, including their structures, responsibilities, and functions.
  • Define phrases like "distributed autonomous enterprise," "autonomous agent," "open networked enterprise," and "distributed autonomous enterprise."
  • Determine some strategic methods of using blockchain technologies to manage intellectual property.
  • Describe how each layer of the blockchain technology stack influences the governance of a blockchain ecosystem by identifying the layers that make up the blockchain technology stack.
  • Learn about Ethereum's programmable ledger system, smart contracts, tokens, decentralized apps, and trustless computing.
  • Examine the complicated problems of blockchain governance, particularly IBM's work on business blockchains.
  • Learn about the conceptual forerunners of blockchain and how "mining" works, as well as the flaws in Bitcoin's blockchain.

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isys3408 blockchain for business assessment answers

What is the Importance of Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology can profoundly alter the way businesses are run, as well as the economic and social institutions on which they are built. Despite its enormous promise, there is still some scepticism about blockchain technology and the extent to which it can be used as a driver for economic growth. This curriculum uses economic theory to provide participants with a comprehensive and practical grasp of blockchain technology and show how it can be used to drive company innovation and efficiency.

Source - Xu, M., Chen, X., & Kou, G. (2019). A systematic review of blockchain. Financial Innovation, 5(1), 1-14.

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isys3408 blockchain for business assessment answers sample assignment

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What Topics are Covered in this Course?

The course syllabus is vast and contains numerous topics and concepts. Check out some of these topics noted here by our ISYS3408 Blockchain for Business assessment answer providers.

  • Blockchain background
  • Blockchain overview
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Blockchain traits
  • Blockchain types
  • Traditional recordkeeping
  • Birth of blockchain
  • How does a blockchain get built
  • How does a block get built
  • The business value of blockchain
  • Blockchain promise
  • Blockchain use cases

isys3408 blockchain for business assessment answers

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Blockchain is the technology that allows cryptocurrencies to exist (among other things). The most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is the one for which blockchain technology was created.

Blockchain allows all participants in a supply chain to have access to the same data, possibly minimizing communication and data transfer problems. Less time may be spent confirming data, and more time can be spent delivering goods and services—improving quality, lowering costs, or doing both.

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