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Itech 1400 Foundations Of Programming Help

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itech 1400 foundations of programming help

Foundations Of Programming Explained By Our Experts

Our experts of Itech 1400 assignment writing help explain that the subject of Itech 1400comprises of programming fundamentals are the common foundations for all programs. It is the first thing that you will have to learn even before choosing the program with which you want to program.

itech 1400 foundations of programming help

The first thing you have to know is that the computer is an electrical machine and only understands the so-called binary code (1 and 0).

1 = current

0 = no current

This is their language. Understanding ourselves with it through this code is very difficult, that is why programming languages are divided into two different types depending on their proximity to the computer language.

The computer code is based on assigning to each character (letter, sign, number, etc.) a combination of 8 zeros and ones (8 bits = byte) using a code called ASCII. For example, the letter A is represented by the following combination: 01100001.

The languages that are closest to the language of the computer, called low-level, are very complicated (almost like computer code) and little used. The best known is machine code or language, a code that the computer can interpret directly. Here is an example:

8B542408 83FA0077 06B80000 0000C383

Of these types of languages, which are usually only used by those that program computers for their use, we are not going to talk here. We will talk about knowledge common to high-level languages.

The programming languages of high level allow to command the computer with a language like ours (Visual Basic, Pascal, Logo, C ++, JavaScript, etc.) and always or almost always in English.

There are high-level programs such as GML or Java that are interpreted programs, that is, the instructions are analyzed and executed by the program itself directly. Others need a compiler, but that is not a problem, it is only a program (software) that is responsible for translating the program made in a programming language into the computer code so that it understands it.

With one type or another, it is the same, the important thing is that languages, like everything else, have to be learned, but they have an advantage, and that is that they have many points in common. These points are what we are going to study here, the fundamentals of programming common to any high-level language.

Once you have learned the basics, you will have to choose the language you want to use, but with this knowledge, they will all be very easy to learn, you will only have to learn a few instructions in English.

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itech 1400 foundations of programming

itech 1400 foundations

itech 1400 foundations of programming online

Several universities offering this course such as

Here are the universities such as

  • UNSW Sydney - COMP1511 Programming Fundamentals
  • Open Universities Australia - MUR-ICT159 Foundations of Programming
  • University of Tasmania - Programming Fundamentals KIT101
  • University of Adelaide - COMP SCI 7202 Foundations of Computer Science

Programs and Algorithms in Itech 1400 Foundations Of Programming

All programming languages have a set of 'instructions' under their belt. An instruction is nothing more than an order that we give to a machine.

And, after all, a program is nothing more than a sequence of instructions designed to solve some type of problem. It should be clear that if we do not know how to solve this problem, we will not be able to write programs. If we do not know what an amount is, it will be almost impossible to make a program to add two numbers, unless someone helps us.

You can think of one way to solve it, your partner in the other, the important thing is that two ways to solve it lead to the same result, sum.

The way you solve the problem is called an algorithm. An algorithm is a sequence of steps to solve a problem. 'An algorithm is a finite series of unambiguous steps that can be performed in infinite time.'

This 'language' algorithm is written in our language, but now we need to move closer to the language of computers. But the first step to creating a program is to derive our algorithm, how to understand what we want our program to do. Now you understand why we said earlier that if we did not know how to fix the problem, we could not make a program. We could not make your algorithm.

Fundamentals Of Programming Languages In Itech 1400 Foundations

Diverse languages are used in programming, and each has some degree of complexity, so it will certainly be easier to learn. Programming is a medium that allows you to create web pages, as well as develop applications that are used on mobile devices such as smartphones. But these are only a few parts that know that it can also be implemented in the programming of micros or controllers included in different devices so that they work correctly.

itech 1400 foundations of programming help itech 1400 foundations of programming help

Web programming allows you to create from scratch and customize pages and applications that are popular for their many uses. HTML and CSS are often confused as part of programming basics, but they are not the same.

They indeed allow you to design web pages, but in reality, these are audiovisual tools that allow you to customize various elements such as adding colours for example. Thanks to them, the pages are more functional and attractive to the eye. But these are the grounds from which programming work can be started.

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