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The course begins by teaching students key terms and ingredients before going on to a historical overview of drugs, drug use, and drug control. The unit will then examine the nature and scope of drug use and dependency in Australian society, with a particular emphasis on socially vulnerable individuals such as Indigenous Australians and adolescents, as well as the motivations for consumption. The group then will investigate the link between drug use and other criminal activities, such as criminal gangs.

The section examines a variety of strategies aimed at reducing drug usage and its associated difficulties, such as supply reduction, demand reduction, and harm minimization techniques. Diversion methods, Among the particular options investigated are needle and syringe programs, drug courts, education programs, and using sites. Further investigation will be conducted in the context of the justice system, including the cooperation of law enforcement, courts, and prisons. The section finishes by forecasting trends while addressing the consequences of the internet on the drug industry.

JALE2024 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of the JALE2024 Drugs and Crime Course:

Students who successfully complete the JALE2024 assessment answers will be willing to learn the following, according to JALE2024 Drugs and Crime assignment help providers:

  • Look into crucial concerns in Australian society, such as licit and illicit substance usage.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the numerous variables that underlie the drug debate and determine drug policy, including historical, health, political, and sociological effects.
  • Investigate the link between drug abuse and anti-social behavior, especially criminal offending.
  • Analyze efforts by authorities to prevent or minimize substance use and misuse, as well as the challenges they face in doing so.
  • Demonstrate critical awareness of the basic ideas of the drug-crime nexus.
  • Examine initiatives for addressing the drug-crime nexus, paying special attention to equity and diversity.
  • show a critical awareness of worldwide parallels in drug regulation and treatment.
  • Demonstrate extensive research of analytical abilities, particularly the ability to connect theory with practice.
  • Exhibit outstanding problem-solving abilities and critical thinking. Demonstrate oral independent research articulation ability.
JALE2024 Assessment Answers

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JALE2024 assessment answers

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Those who use recreational drugs are more likely to commit them, and it is usual for several offences, particularly violent crimes, to be committed by those who have recently used or could use alcohol or other drugs at the time the crime was committed.

Because young people face multiple incentives to use both licit and illicit drugs, successful treatment training is essential. Education can contribute to the development of a typical regulatory environment that fosters moderation and informed judgments.

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