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Java Assignment Help

Java is a general purpose computer programming language that is object oriented and specifically designed to have few implementation dependencies. It has a wide flexibility and adaptability range as one code that runs on one platform does not necessarily require to be recompiled to run another. Java programming language has many web developers and is particularly popular for client-server web applications. The creation of java programming language was based in and around the following goals to be achieved:

  • Simplicity, object orientation and familiarity.
  • It should be robust and secure.
  • It should be architecture neutral and secure.
  • High performance on execution of tasks.
  • It should be interpreted, threaded and dynamic.

The goal of java is to make all implementations of java compatible. The additional language features that support better code analysis have improved the execution speed of java applications. Previously java applications required more memory than those written in C++, making then quite inefficient in use as the dependable programming language. Memory in the java object lifecycle is managed by an automatic garbage collector.

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