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This unit provides you with a framework for understanding the field of international trade. This sector is responsible for the international trade and investment environment, especially political, social, economic, technical, environmental and environmental decisions that influence corporate-level strategic planning and management decisions regarding corporate cross-border trade and investment activities.

You need to understand the relevant macro-level international trade and investment theories, as well as the global systems and issues associated with conducting international business from an organizational strategic and operational perspective. As students analyse and investigate new market entry and constraints affecting specific market entry options and global business activities, the applied understanding of international trade and investment is facilitated.

JNB512 assessment answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of the International Trade Course?

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  • Discuss the impetus for international trade and investment at the regional, national and organisational levels.
  • Create an international market entry plan by assessing global opportunities and your internal and external business environment.
  • Apply the theory and practice of international trade and investment to the strategic management of global companies.
JNB512 Assessment Answers

What are the Perks of International Trade?

International trade is important and essential for students to understand its significance. If you are an international trade student then you must have an idea about how it helps the company as well as the country. Here are some benefits of international trade that you must know. Take a quick look at it -

  • Reduced competition the most significant benefit of international trade is your level of competition will reduce. In your country, the chances of getting competition are higher.
  • Longer product life cycle the life of products and services would also enhance. It helps to enhance the level of production.
  • Easier cash-flow management business is all about making money and getting profit. The international trading helps to get money in advance from various countries. This is very common in this type of trading where you can demand for the money in advance.
  • Better risk management the biggest benefit of international trade is business diversity. It allows your service and product to go overseas. This helps your company to eradicate various risks such as economic downturns, environmental calamities,
  • Access to export finance international trade has one more benefit that it allows commerce the possibility of obtaining export financing. With good financial state you can develop your business.
  • Surplus products disposal under the shed of international trade, you can also sell your surplus items without any issues. Those which cannot be shared in the local or domestic market, it allows you to sell them too.

Doing business in foreign nations might help your organisation gain a better reputation. Success in one nation might have an impact on success in neighbouring countries, raising your company's profile in the market. There are multiple perks of marketing your product and service overseas.

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Study Materials For Completing the Course

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JNB512 assessment answers

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The important types of components of international trading are Export Trade, Import Trade, and Entrepot Trade.

The two types of trade between countries are free trade and fair trade.

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