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Joomla is one of the most used open-source content management systems used for publishing web content. As a big part of the population is shifted to online reading and writing, the importance of CMS platforms has increased immensely. Resulting which a lot of students are foreseeing their future in technology and pursuing related courses in universities. If you are also the one and struggling to complete your Joomla assignment, prefer to avail the Joomla assignment help from a reliable expert. And, luckily you have arrived at the right destination.

Joomla Assignment Help

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What Are the Features Of Joomla- Explained By Joomla Assignment Experts

Joomla is designed perfectly by keeping in mind the desires of the internet generation. Name a thing related to CMS, and you will get it in Joomla. Right from building a website and developing an application, the possibilities to work with Joomla are endless. Some of its unmatched features are listed below:


Joomla gives ample scope to play with your creativity, make a business website, community website, blog, or develop an application. There is a lot you can do it Joomla.

2. Design Features

Joomla offers awesome designing features with layouts and templates. The option of designing a new and fresh template is also available.

3.Easy Publishing and Editing

Joomla makes content editing and publishing easier than writing. Use its publishing tools, editing buttons, and media manager to make your content live on the internet.

4. Several Core Functionalities

Redirection, banners, tags, a news feed, custom field, contacts, and messaging. Joomla is enriched with many core functionalities that make working on it a delight.

5.Easy CMS Management

Joomla makes the CMS management easy with quick and convenient updates and extension installation.

6.Easy To Manage

Joomla is easy to manage and it provides simple ways to manage the site users, website caching, and menu items.

These were some of the features explained by our Joomla assignment services providers. They are aware of every small and big feature of the Joomla platform, thus resolve every Joomla assignment

The Architecture of Joomla Described By Our Programming Assignment Help Expert

Joomla Assignment Help

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Joomla works on the model-view-controller web application. Its architecture includes:

  • Database
  • Joomla framework
  • Components
  • Modules
  • Plug-in
  • Templates
  • Webserver

1. Database

It includes data that is stored, manipulated, and organised in a particular manner. It is used to store the user data, content, administrative information to manage the site. Database layer also ensures flexibility and compatibility for extensions.

2. Framework

A framework is something on which software works. Joomla works on an open-source framework with the desired CMS.


Administrator and site are the two components of Joomla. When a page loads, the components render to the main body. The administrator manages different aspects of an element and site helps to render the pages of the site when the request is made.


The module works as an extension to render the paged in Joomla. It also fetches new data and images and managed by the module manager.

5. Plugin

It is another powerful and flexible extension of Joomla used to extend the framework.


The look and feel of your website both at the frontend and backend are decided by templates. There are two types of templates front-end and back-end. They make it easy to build and customise a website and also add great flexibility to it.

7. Webserver

A user interacts with the website at the webserver with the help of HTTP language. It delivers the web pages to the client as per the request.

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Joomla Assignment Help Joomla Assignment Help

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