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Law is quite a diverse subject with many topics. There is so much to learn and understand in the subject—one of the topics that you need to understand is Landlord-Tenant law. Let's start with this law, and why is this important? This Act may be cited as the Landlord and Tenant Act 1936. The law is made for both the tenant and landlord to protect their rights and help them during times of dispute. Landlord-Tenant law is a very lengthy law as it holds various sub-laws for different circumstances and situations, including exemption. This unit establishes the outcomes required to manage and resolve tenant conflicts using communication technology. As with the right kind of communication, you can overcome the disputes hampering your relationship with your tenant or landlord. But to become an expert in the field, you need to clear your graduation exam with for that excelling in your academics and assignment is important. We have a guidance provider who can provide you with Landlord-Tenant Law assignment help.

landlord-tenant law assignment help

Learning Outcome of Landlord-Tenant Law!

  • Effectively communicate with tenants, supervisors, and landlords.
  • In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, deal with tenants and tenant difficulties.
  • Use accounting software for property management.
  • Comply with property managers' obligations under standard property management contracts.

While performing an assignment, you need to fulfill the learning outcomes for that our experts can provide Landlord-Tenant Law assignment assistance.

Skills to display while working on this course:

  1. Demonstrate excellent organizational and managerial abilities.
  2. Possess strong computer and math abilities.
  3. Have exceptional communication abilities, both verbally and in writing.
  4. Working with others to solve difficulties seems to be something that should be there.
landlord tenant law assignment help

Units to Study

  • Section 1: Characteristics of a Lease & Pre-Letting Issues
  • Section 2: Creating a Tenancy & Types of Tenancy
  • Section 3: Leasehold Covenants including Repairs
  • Section 4: Enforceability of Leasehold Covenants, Remedies & Termination
  • Section 5: The Rent Act 1977
  • Section 6: The Housing Act 1988
  • Section 7: Mobile Homes & Unlawful Eviction and Harassment
  • Section 8: Commercial Tenancies
  • Section 9: Long Leases
  • Section 10: Agricultural Tenancies

If you are attempting to write an assignment on any topic and feel stuck, we can provide you with Landlord-Tenant Law academic assistance. Our experts will guide you step by step on how you complete an assignment on the given topic from start to finish.

landlord tenant law assignment help

Career Opportunities after Completing a Degree in Law

After finishing the degree and gaining the necessary practical experience, you may be eligible to become a Licensed Conveyancer. You may manage a conveyancing department in a large firm or start your conveyancing practice with more expertise. You can also as following in this field:

  1. Paralegal
  2. Legal Assistant
  3. Mediator
  4. Court Reporter
  5. Lawyer
  6. Solicitor

Peer Review

Here are points you should keep in mind when writing your assignment, as suggested by our  Landlord-Tenant Law assignment help provider.

  • There have always been some issues while mitigating the landlord and tenant, so we needed a strong law.
  • While working on this law, the government was asked to work on other aspects, like rent-free, and that changed the way we look at this law today.
  • We also worked on rental market analysis to develop the moral law for the same.
  • Finally, some would claim that home consumption is "unique." The shelter is a basic human need that is closer to "need" than "demand." and that's what this law worked on.
  • Other aspects that this law talked about and was important were prices and periods of rent and leases on the document.


  1. Bradbrook, A. J. (1977). The Application of the Principle of Mitigation of Damages to Landlord-Tenant Law. Sydney L. Rev., 8, 15.
  2. Bradbrook, A. J. (1977). The Application of the Principle of Mitigation of Damages to Landlord-Tenant Law. Sydney L. Rev., 8, 15.
  3. Rowley, S., & James, A. (2018). The private rental sector in Australia. Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre. Perth.


Landlord-Tenant Law Assignment Sample Online Shared By Expert

Things our expert's students to keep in mind while attempting to the question are as follows:

  1. Ability to recognize/articulate the legal issues produced by the facts/problem in a clear and concise manner
  2. Ability to recognize/communicate the legal problems created by the points/problem in a clear and concise manner
  3. Ability to acquire, evaluates, and reference relevant information.
  4. Ability to identify and understand applicable legislation and case law that pertains to the situation
  5. Ability to advise your client on the specific issues posed by the problem.
landlord tenant law assignment help assignment

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To have actual control of land together with an intention to use the land as one’s own

  • Ownership Interests;
  • Fee Simple
  • Life Estate
  • Leasehold Interests;
  • Fixed-term lease
  • Periodic lease
  • Tenancy at will
  • Tenancy at sufferance

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