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Law School Assignment Help By Experts

'I was never ruined but twice: once when I lost a lawsuit, and once when I won one.'

--------------- Francois-Marie Arouet, Voltaire

A single line, but utterly revealing. Even the greatest thinker of the 18th century, the forerunner of the French enlightenment was defeated by Law. However, the pursuit of law could land you a respectable job, but the way is full of ' whine and neurose's without law school assignment help.

Making a solution to a law assignment is not a child's play. For example, if the assignment is for making a memo for a lawsuit, you have to make it from the point of view of a lawyer. A student, who is still at a nascent stage of learning, cannot attempt it like a pro!

Law School assignment help

A lawyer who has been practising for years develops an eye for detail gradually after getting polished in trials of a courtroom. A student skips the facts that amount for defense, doesn't play head to a suggestion in cross-examination, can't tell the exact period of limitation from the cause of action, and I am not even starting about the appreciation of evidence.

This why law students run screaming, 'do my law school assignment help for me'.

law school

Why Do You Need Help With A Law School Assignment?

Solving a law assignment is not as easy as you might think. Consider this assignment for example:-

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Here the university has provided a plethora of facts of a criminal case and a student has to appreciate evidence tendered by people who are testifying as defence or prosecution witness. Now, for giving an encompassing and final answer, a student must know the flowing details:-

  • Whether the fact in issue is relevant or not.
  • Whether the statement in question is admissible in law.
  • Whether the credibility of the statement in question could be questioned in cross-examination.
  • Whether the person deviating from the previous statement given in front of police i.e. making an inconsistent statement.
  • Is witness biased?
  • Can the witness be prosecuted for knowingly making a false statement in the court of law during the trial?
  • Can they be cross-examined after taking permission from the court as per the evidence act?

Now, to understand the depth of the solution, we will try to grasp the topics that are involved here. Therefore, a student must know:-

  • What is a fact in the issue? How can we differentiate it from an issue of fact?
  • What is the difference between relevancy and admissibility of evidence?
  • What are the relevant provisions of credibility in the Evidence Act 2005?
  • What are the leading questions and when they can be asked?
  • What type of questions can be overruled in a cross-examination?
  • What are the rules regarding the credibility of a witness?

These are some of the few questions that need to be answered directly in this assignment. To answer these questions, one must have full knowledge of the law in question i.e. law of evidence. Universities often recommend students to read a particular commentary while doing some assignment. A student has to understand the relevant case law or any landmark precedent to make his solution passable.

For judgement writing, a student is expected to:-

  • Identify the facts in the issue by perusing arguments made by both the parties
  • Apply relevant rule and legislation
  • Appreciate the evidence with the help of the applied legislation
  • Give the order

The little word at the end of the last above-mentioned point holds significance. Order is a part of the judgement that is executed or we can say that parties to the judgement are bound by its operation. A judgement also consists of rationale or ratio decidendi which is the reason on which the judge has based his order and obiter dicta i.e. the findings of the court that are not directly an issue in the case, but run parallel to the litigation.

Law School assignment help Law School assignment help

So many efforts for making a solution passable! Forget about distinction!!

Some More Assignment Samples For Your Reference

law school assignment task law school question

This condition makes it even harder for an inexperienced pupil to complete his assignment and look for a law school assignment helper. Suppose you have read all these things. Still, skills for cross-examination can only be developed once you have practised for years in trial courts. So, it is advisable to take guidance while you can. Better to act now than regret later!

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Proffering students assignment help for law whether it is an essay or judgement writing takes years of practice and experience. A student pursuing law can't think of various promotions and combinations of law that are required to be applied. So, leave it to the professionals while you study for your end term examinations.

Our team of quality check experts makes sure that the referencing is done according to the instructions. However, referencing and footnoting in law assignment is broadly done by the rules of AGLC or Australian Guide to Legal Citation.

Quality checks are carried out for formatting, grammatical errors, omission or inadvertent inclusion of a wrong section or legislation, syntax and diction, and referencing. Whether it is Report Writing Assignment Help or essay writing, we are up for everything.

We have access to paid legal online journals, casemate, publications, commentaries, articles, research reports, etc. to make sure that our academicians get relevant, latest, and reliable source of material to research your solution.

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