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This unit of LAWS104 teaches fundamental understanding of the origins, structures, and procedures of Australia's legal institutions, as well as the key elements of Australian legal practice. It looks at the two primary sources of authoritative law in Australia, legislative and judicial precedents, and how they are used to solve legal problems.

Students will learn, practice, and expand their skills and competence in the understanding of legislation and court decisions as well as acquire, start practicing, and expand their expertise and abilities in legal reading, writing, and study. The information, abilities, and understanding they gain in this unit will serve as the foundation for them to effectively complete their legal degree. This course seeks to introduce students to the fundamental legal professional abilities of interpreting case law and legislation, doing legal research, and writing and citing in line with professional standards.

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LAWS104 Assessment Answers

Learning Outcomes of the Course:

After the successful completion of the course unit, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the origins and operation of our judicial system. Use ethical viewpoints to make informed decisions. Consider yourself critically and reflectively.
  • Explain and apply the basic ideas of precedent, summary judgment motion, and legislative interpretation.
  • Develop and evaluate your legal involvement and legal writing abilities. display suitable beliefs, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes for the field and/or profession.
  • Develop and evaluate your involvement and legal writing abilities. While taking into account both local and global perspectives,
  • to address fundamental legal questions, research judgments, regulations, and published papers. Working both independently and collectively, they find, organize, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate data.
  • Integrate the core professional standards for legal research writing, such as legal source citation, in line with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation.
  • Analyze legal issues, use the I-R-A-C approach.
LAWS104 assessment answers

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  • The roots of our legal system and legislation
  • Due process and judicial decision-making are key principles.
  • The essential statutory interpretation concepts.
  • The basics of legal research and citation.
  • patent attorney's writing, research, and examination abilities.

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LAWS104 Assessment Answers

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