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The Section 89 of this Code of Civil process mandated their courts to resolve all the disputes of the best civil litigation via the mechanism of several Dispute Resolutions. The Code of Civil Procedure has provisions for several alternative methods of resolving disputes, including arbitration, mediation, and conciliation. It is important to note that alternative dispute resolution processes are non-judicial in nature and can be used to resolve a wide variety of legal conflicts, including personal injury, household, health coverage, industrial, product liability, as well as other types of commercial disagreements. Therefore, to overcome the intricacies of the modern judicial system, civil litigants have resorted to adopting the technique that presents less challenge, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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LAWS11068 assessment answers

List of Institutes or Universities where you can study about this Assignment.

The listed universities or institutes of Australia are renowned for their teaching and research quality and offer several inter-related degree courses. The universities are -

  • Southern Cross University - LAWS11068 assessment answers
  • James Cook University - LAWS11057 Introduction to Law
  • Australian National University - Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • University of Western Australia - Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
  • University of New Castle - Introduction to Criminal Investigation: Processes, Practices, and Thinking

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LAWS11068 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of this course -

After successfully completion of the course, there are several learning outcomes:

  • Specify and explain the various forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and how they differ from litigation.
  • The capacity to develop ADR processes and draft necessary papers to support an ethical conflict and its design
  • All the designs must be elaborated together to demonstrate listening, bargaining, and mediation abilities.
  • To identify the most acceptable ADR procedures for a specific set of data, it is necessary to review, analyze, and assess the ADR literature.
  • Provide an overview of dispute resolution systems' theoretical foundations and how to put them into practice in resolving disputes.
  • To better understand international commercial arbitration or the First Nations of Australia, take the assignment solution on LAWS11068 to learn about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods.
LAWS11068 assessment answers

What are the Basic Types of Dispute Resolution?

There are top three dispute resolutions to evaluate:

  • Mediation
  • The purpose of mediation is mainly for a third person who is neutral to assist all the parties who are in reaching an agreement between themselves.

    • A skilled mediator will not impose a solution on the parties involved in the conflict; rather, they will work with both sides to investigate the interests that stay behind their own positions.
    • A successful mediation session should enable all parties involved to express their emotions and conduct an in-depth investigation of their complaints.

    Mediators can also try to help the parties in developing a settlement that is permanent, voluntary, nonbinding by working with both parties occasionally, independently, and simultaneously.

  • Arbitration
  • When a disagreement is taken to arbitration, a neutral third party acts in the role of a judge. They are also in charge of finding a solution to the problem.

    After listening to each side present pertinent information and discuss their points, their arbitrator should then make a proper decision that can be legally important.

    The parties to all the disputes get the power to negotiate nearly all of the facets of the arbitration procedure.

    Arbitrators are responsible for delivering decisions that are often kept private and cannot be challenged in court.

    Arbitration is also like mediation, but it is typically a considerably more cost-effective alternative to litigation.

  • Litigation
  • Civil litigation is also the most well-known form of conflict resolution. In civil litigation, a defendant mainly defends themselves against a complainant in front of a judge or a jury.

    Either the judge or the jury must analyze the evidence and come to a decision before the case can move further. The information presented during hearings and trials is typically entered into the public record, where it remains there.

Litigation is often controlled by attorneys and most frequently results in a settlement or compromise agreement during the pretrial period of discovery preparation.

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Dispute resolution or Civil litigation attorneys repeatedly follow mediation or the settlement of conferences where every party tries to settle around the table & try to get to a commitment. Based on the category of dispute, several arbitrations as several aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolutions are similarly important.

The very important ADR procedures are negotiation, conciliation, mediation, arbitration, & private judging.

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