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This course investigates worldwide employment and equality legislation, and how it is applied in Australia and other important jurisdictions. It commences with a concentration on the global standards derived from treaties created by both the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations (UN) humanitarian system. It then investigates the impact of these systems and comparative legislation in a variety of national and regional situations. The goal will be to give a critical evaluation of the scope and functioning of worldwide, supranational, and national equity or solid work law, as well as an orientation to comparing doctrine or policy assessment.

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LAWS61609 Assessment Answers

Structure of Course

The experts who assist with preparing LAWS61609 Assessment Answers have compiled a list of subjects that are critical for a basic understanding of this course. If you're short on time and have a test coming up, make sure you know these; you'll be able to pass with flying colors! Check out the following relevant topics:

  • Analysis of the functions, structure, and essential aspects of international agreements and agreements pertaining to employment in both basic (human rights) and specialized (ILO) contexts, with a particular emphasis on the Agreements on Equality and Company's Job.
  • Discussion of arguments over the definitions of equality, inequality, individual freedom, decent employment, fair commerce, and other contentious notions like choice and accountability.
  • Examination of the following departments in connection to inequality and stable employment, as well as the disparities in development in the nations studied as a result of varied social, governmental, and economic circumstances;
  • Examining the role of global regulation, such as private business codes and trade agreements, in implementing equality and good jobs; and exploring potential future avenues for better protecting equal and stable employment.
LAWS61609 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of LAWS61609 Employment Equality Law Course

The following fundamental competencies are provided with a course, according to the professionals:

  • Have a thorough awareness of the concepts of decent labor, equality, and prejudice, as well as how they are employed in legal texts at the international, national fundamental, and federal policy levels;
  • Be capable of critically studying, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating the goals and consequences of all these standards;
  • Participate in discussions about emerging and thoroughly modern concerns in the field, such as the importance of the law, the acceptable scope of special rights for privileges, and the role of statutory provisions in areas such as free association, place of work, prejudice and abuse, education for disabled children, sex and race, occupational gender, and the availability of lodging for parents and caregivers.
  • Have a sophisticated understanding of the situations that may arise on the international stage, in government operations, and in non-government operations such as employment or school;
  • The cognitive and technical abilities to produce critical and innovative ideas on equality and acceptable labor in legal forms, as well as to critically examine current legal doctrines, norms, and notions with originality and autonomy.

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LAWS61609 Assessment Answers

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