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LCBS5003 Leadership Culture in Organisational Contexts is a course that helps to make you understand the overall environment of the organisation. This course is a wee bit tricky as it requires a lot of effort to comprehend each concept. If you too have got stuck and looking for LCBS5003 Assessment Answers help in order to get good scores, then do not hesitate to connect with us at Sample Assignment anytime.

LCBS5003 assessment answers

The course focus is mostly on organisational culture and how it relates to leadership and management difficulties and debates in industrialised, developing, and transitional countries. To study and comprehend leadership and governance patterns in public organisations, it is necessary to first understand the culture. Organisational culture is studied as a dependent as well as an independent variable. It is impacted by leadership, societal norms and values, and how political developments and governance systems have evolved and are organised as a dependent variable.

It also gives more emphasis on how organisational culture shapes, patterns of leadership, authority relations, and interpersonal interactions within organisations, as well as how it affects an organisation's ties with the outside world as an independent variable. It examines how organisational culture impacts the methods of bureaucrats working, making decisions, and implementing policies and how responsive and compatible public organisations are with modern reform attempts. Social and institutional trust, modern governance difficulties, and administrative culture are all related and pertinent themes.

What Are The Learning Outcomes Of This Course?

Our Personal Development Plan assignment help experts say the course helps your overall growth and development. You will be able to comprehend the operations of the organisation and its functions.

  • To discover and critically evaluate leadership practices in companies.
  • The purpose of this study is to look into the impact of organisational culture and national cultures on leadership practice.
  • To get a better understanding of the difficulties and features of international and cross-cultural leadership.
  • Recognise how theories of motivation and employee engagement may be applied in the leadership role.
  • To evaluate the leader's role in the implementation of talent management methods.
  • Acquire critical thinking skills and is capable of doing independent analysis when it comes to analysing, diagnosing, and addressing organisational culture in the context of leadership, governance patterns, institutional trust, and administrative difficulties.
  • Map organisational culture norms and leadership difficulties and conduct independent evaluations and applications of current theories, methodologies, and empirical work in the subject.
  • Apply what they've learned to create and conduct independent research to assess corporate cultural values and how they impact organisational activities and members' mindsets.
LCBS5003 assessment answers organizational chart

What Is The Meaning Of Leadership Culture?

Leadership culture plays a vital role in the development of any organisation; this can never be overstated. The process of leaders engaging with each employee of the organisation is regarded as the leadership culture. This is why they communicate, act and make rational decisions for the benefit of the organisation.

Is the way leadership impacts culture assisting you to get the type of culture you want? Is it helping you make a strong and effective corporate culture through the way they hire individuals, form high-performance teams, execute company strategy, and engage their employees for the long haul?

Leaders must understand their role in constructing an organisation's culture, and organisations should make deliberate steps to help in the development of their leaders. Effective leadership development goes beyond classroom training, organisational structure expansion, and even establishing the correct cultural fit when employing new employees.

The most prominent way to make sure the leadership culture is positively and actively assisting your company's culture is to form modern leaders.

Source - Paais, Maartje, and Jozef R. Pattiruhu. "Effect of motivation, leadership, and organisational culture on satisfaction and employee performance." The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics, and Business 7, no. 8 (2020): 577-588.

LCBS5003 assessment answers

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Some materials For Completing The Course

  • Block, Lory. "The leadership‐culture connection: an exploratory investigation." Leadership &Organisation Development Journal (2003).
  • Baumgartner, Rupert J. "Organisational culture and leadership: Preconditions for the development of a sustainable corporation." Sustainable development 17, no. 2 (2009): 102-113.
  • Yıldırım, Nihan, and Seda Birinci. "Impacts of organisational culture and leadership on business performance: A case study on acquisitions." Procedia-Social and Behavioural Sciences 75 (2013): 71-82.

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Leading in the Organisational Context entails influencing and aligning individual and team actions toward the organisation's goal through systems, procedures, and structures, both directly and indirectly." A strong viewpoint from the organisation's leader is required for organisational leadership.

Context analysis is a way of determining a company's operating environment and culture. Environment scanning is mainly related to a company's macro-environment. Context analysis also assists in evaluating the company's environment, be it internal or external.

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