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Importance Of Lichens - A Topic Often Covered Under Lichenology Assignments

Do you also get confused looking at lichens and wonder what is Nature's grand scheme behind birthing lichens and why are they important? Well, turns out lichens are always looked for being tiny but are extremely important. The study of lichen suggests that they play a key role in the ecosystem.

Agriculture was discovered by the fungi now known as lichen.

Our online assignment makers have described the following are the few key roles that lichen play:

importance of lichens

Habitat, food, and shelter: Lichens are the provider of food, habitat, and shelter to other organisms like birds use liches as nesting material, or Tardigrade and other tiny organisms use lichen as a home.

Pioneer species: Lichens are a pioneer species too. They break down the rocks by colonising bare rocks and the chemical weathering from their acids; turns rocks into soil.

Nutrient cycling: Some lichens have a third partner in crime; the Cyanobacteria. This provides food via photosynthesis and also provides nitrogen to plants and fungus for their growth. They do so by fixing nitrogen from the form of gas present in the environment into the form plants need to survive.

Environment monitoring: Many liches act as environmental monitors because of their tolerance for air pollution. Some liches tend to like nitrogen-rich environments, while others are more sensitive to nitrogen in the environment. Thus, scientists study lichens as indicators of the quality of air. Hence, lichens are effective and cheap determiners of air pollution.

Types Of Lichens Covered Under Lichenology Assignments Described By Our Lichenology Assignment Helpers

There are three types of lichens:

Foliose lichen:

  • They are present at the top and bottom sides.
  • They are full of ridges and bumps.
  • They have easily distinguishable sides.
  • They can be fat like a leaf or convoluted.

Fruticose lichen:

  • They can be pendant/hair-like, shrubby and upright, or cup-like and upright.
  • Most lichens have round branches present in them which contain a central core.
  • Some fruticose lichens possess flat entangled branches.

Crustose lichens:

  • They are pressed against their substrate.
  • They form a crust over the surfaces such as boulders, cars, soil, or roof shingles.
  • They can either be vibrant and bright or green and grey.

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