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The principles of Australian migration law, the function of migration agents, and the implementation of migration law and policy are covered in this unit (LML6002). It will go through the history of migration legislation in Australia. The founding of the Migration Agent profession, as well as the evolution and structure of Australia's immigration system legislation and policies.

It looks at the principles of Australia's visa system, such as how to make legitimate visa application procedures for decision-making and what most visas need. You'll learn about the rules and regulations that govern migration and refugee law in Australia. You will learn how to traverse the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and the Migration Regulations 1994 in particular (Cth). During the course, if you require LML6002 assignment help, then we are just one call away from you. You will get the best service from our end.

LML6002 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

Our LML6002 academic assistance providers say that completing this course can help you understand the importance of migration law and how it is helping the region. The importance and significance of migration law will be covered in this course. Here are some learning outcomes of this course for you -

  • Examine conceptual frameworks and demonstrate advanced technical understanding of migration and administrative law by using independent judgement in a variety of situations and communities.
  • Interpret applicable aspects of the Migration Act, Regulations, and related laws in the context of cross-disciplinary knowledge in order to generate innovative solutions to multi-faceted challenges while respecting and recognising client diversity.
  • Provide complicated analysis of regulatory decisions and advocacy for a variety of stakeholders in a variety of forms, including briefs, answers, and visa applications, while balancing individual interests and the public good.
  • Demonstrate high ethical and professional standards while providing migration legal advice to clients, both alone and as part of a team.
  • Demonstrate ownership and accountability for one's own learning and professional practice while working collaboratively with others and within broad limitations.
  • To generate and give migration guidance, do research to analyse current and relevant information from a variety of sources.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of applicable legislation in order to give guidance on how to submit acceptable visa applications.
  • Analyse and debate the function and regulation of migratory agents critically.
  • Develop and implement communication strategies that are geared toward important stakeholders, such as clients.
LML6002 assessment answers

Migration Act 1958

The Migration Act of 1958 is a law passed by Australia's Parliament that controls immigration to the country. It was here that Australia's universal visa system was born (or entry permits). Its full title is "An Act related to the admission and residence of immigrants in Australia and the departure or expulsion of aliens and certain other individuals from Australia."

The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901, which had formed the cornerstone of the White Australia policy, was superseded by the Immigration Restriction Act of 1958, which abolished the infamous "dictation test" as well as many other discriminatory elements of the 1901 Act. The 1958 Act has been modified several times.

Structure of LML6002 Course Unit

Assignment Writing Service providers always say that before getting admission in any course, you must have an idea about its course and units. If you are new to this course and need information about the course outline, then take a look here. We have jotted here all information about its units and course structure along with credits.

  • Practitioner Legal Skills for Australian Migration Law
  • Unit codeLML6001Credits12
  • Australian Migration Law
  • Unit codeLML6002Credits12
  • Australia's Visa System 1
  • Unit codeLML6003Credits12
  • Australias Visa System 2
  • Unit codeLML6004Credits12
  • Visa Compliance and Cancellation
  • Unit codeLML6005Credits12
  • Migration Review Mechanisms
  • Unit codeLML6006Credits12
  • Applied Migration Law
  • Unit codeLML6007Credits12
  • Managing a Migration Agent business
  • Unit codeLML6008Credits12

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LML6002 Assessment Answers

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