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Assignments on Logic covers the different types of Programmable Logic Devices, including their definition, their classification, and a brief explanation of each type of Programmable Logic Device (PLD). A Programmable Logic Device (PLD) is an electronic device used to build reconfigurable digital circuits. Unlike a logic gate that has a fixed function, PLDs leave the factory without a specific function, and therefore, they need to be programmed or reconfigured before they can be used. PLDs have several advantages. The first is integration ability, which allows you to integrate a large amount of functionality on a single chip. Solving assignments on these topics can be difficult for some students, so for them, we at Sample Assignment, have started 24*7 Logic Assignment Help services. Get the best Logic Assignment Help Services at affordable prices with us.

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According to Logic assignment experts, PLDs eliminate the use of multiple chips as well as the inconvenience and mistrust of using external wiring. The second advantage is the fact that you can change the design. Many PLDs allow for reprogramming or reconfiguration. There are two main branches within programmable logic devices, field programmable logic and factory logic. The term field in this context implies that the devices can be programmed in the users field, while the factory logic can be programmed in the same factory where they are built, according to customer requirements. In this case, programming technology uses irreversible processes, so it is only possible to do it once.

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Important Concepts Of Logic Gates In Digital Electronics For Making Assignments

Electronics in general, and digital in particular, is one of the technological engines today. Suffice it to say that a computer is nothing other than a complex digital system.

Although a computer is a complex system, from the digital point of view, it only consists of bits with two possible values 0 and 1 and three types of logic gates (logical operators): AND, OR, and NOT. Assignments on Logic is focused on the principles of these bits and logical operators.

In digital electronics, as in other areas, the main task is the analysis and design of systems, digital in this case. The particularity for the student is that digital electronics is based on totally new information (bits) and algebra (Boolean). Thus, before learning to analyze and design systems, it is necessary to learn to represent (binary codes) and to manipulate (Boolean algebra) binary digital information. The accompanying figure shows the three fundamental stages of digital electronics: binary codes, Boolean algebra, and analysis and design of digital systems.

Digital circuits are classified into four large groups: combinational or sequential and at the bit level or the word level. On assignment on Logic, students will work with bit-level combinational systems (logic gates) since they are the most basic conceptually and are also the most methodologically appropriate.

Before starting, it should be remembered that the basic design mechanism is a cycle design of the proposed circuit (hypothesis), analysis of the proposed circuit (evaluation against requirements), and a reboot of the proposed design (given the result of the analysis).

The development of the module is divided into two parts. In the first place, the binary representation of information (binary codes) and its mathematical manipulation (Boolean algebra) are addressed, and secondly, we proceed to the analysis and design of combinational digital systems at the bit level, that is, analysis and design of digital circuits with logic gates.

Classifications Of Logic Devices

In the case of blank devices, whose logic is implemented after they are manufactured, their logical operation would be referred to as programmed logic compared to the wired logic of the devices that already have it when leaving the factory. As said, although debatable, ASICs are often included in programmed logic.

When the logic is obtained from a list of instructions (program) stored in memory, it would be software-programmable logic compared to the logic implemented in the circuitry called hardware- programmed logic. Typically, microcontrollers and microprocessors are part of the first group and programmable logic devices of the second.

The first integrated logic circuits (logic gates, multiplexers, de-multiplexers, encoders, decoders) for example those belonging to the 74LS series, formed a series of logic devices with the specific operation for a generic application called catalog logic as opposed to the logic general-purpose (or generic) that allows you to use a device and program it expressly for a specific application. Catalog logic is also known as conventional logic.

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While PLDs belong to the classification of general-purpose IC integrated circuits, ASICs correspond to the category of application-specific IC integrated circuits. An intermediate point between both might be the ASSP, stands for or application-specific standard products.

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