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Life stages and development is a very meaningful and authentic subject that will help you to understand physical, cognitive, psychological and behavioural developments described by top psychologists. While writing its assignment, students have to know a lot of facts and research. That's why you should take the LSD403 assessment answers from our experts.

So let's know about human development. It is mainly a branch of psychology with the aim of understanding people. It helps to grow, change and develop throughout their lives. This area also helps people to have a proper understanding of themselves and their relationships. It also helps in several professional areas and builds career paths.

There are many more hidden facts that you should know while writing the assignments. That's why you should take the LSD403 Life Stages and Development assignment help.

LSD403 assessment answers

The Eight Stages of Human Development-

With the LSD403 dissertation help, our experts have described the stages of Human development. Its focuses on how people develop themselves throughout their lives. So, when and how does this change take place? Ego scientist Erik Erikson is one of many scientists & psychologists who have researched different facets of human development. He looked at how people changed over the course of their lives and proposed an eight-stage process for how social experiences shape people's personalities and behaviours. What are the eight ages that people go through as they grow up -

  • Infancy - (Trust vs Mistrust)
  • In this stage, infants try to trust their caretaker and help to fulfil their basic criteria and only respond when they cry.

  • Toddlerhood- (Autonomy vs Shame Doubt)
  • The second phase is all about autonomy vs guilt and doubt or independence versus reliance. In this preceding stage, toddlers show responsiveness to adults. Toddlers will develop a healthy self-concept if they are allowed to react on their own and are praised for their efforts.

  • Preschool Years- (Initiative vs Guilt)
  • Pre-schoolers develop their self-worth and learn to speak out for themselves. Some kids say they're depressed because their friend took their favourite toy. If kids receive praise for their initiative, it will tell them that it is appropriate to take the lead in solving problems. However, if kids are punished or made to feel bad about their bad behaviour, they are more likely to develop a fear of taking the lead as adults.

  • Early School Year - (Industry vs Inferiority)
  • When kids enter school, they start comparing themselves to other kids. Children's confidence grows when they understand their own achievements and also of their classmates. If they see that other kids have achieved things that they haven't, it always hurts their sense of self-worth. A first-grader may realize they are falling behind their classmates on math examinations. If they repeat this behaviour, it can cause inferiority complexes.

  • Adolescence - (Identity vs Role Confusion)
  • Adolescence is where the term "identity crisis" is used, and for a good cause. The adolescent years are a time for discovering their own identity. Teenagers can separate themselves from the influences of their parents and peers and then develop more ambitious plans and a deeper understanding of who they are as people. Teenagers who are still heavily reliant on their parents for social connection and direction may have more problems with role confusion than their peers because they are more autonomous.

  • Young Adulthood - Intimacy vs Isolation
  • At around the age of 20, most people begin to settle in committed relationships like marriage or long-term partnerships like best friends. Other people who are good at forming and maintaining relationships gain emotional compensation. A college student who is able to make and keep close friends may experience a greater sense of closeness than their mate who finds it difficult to do so.

  • Middle Adulthood - Generativist vs Stagnation
  • At this stage, middle-aged adults find it difficult to find out how to make a difference in the world. They also do other things at the moment, like raising a family or working. Some might feel a sense of generativist or the desire to leave a lasting legacy when they give back to the world. Those who don't believe in their efforts or lives may feel stuck. A middle-aged person who is raising a family & working in a career ostensibly benefits people and experiences greater levels of happiness than an adult who is performing meaningless tasks at a job.

  • Late Adulthood - (Integrity vs Despair)
  • When people are at the end of their lives, they often think about what they've achieved. People who have achieved ego integrity through a happy family life or rewarding work are able to accept their own mortality without fear. There is a real danger of depression among seniors if they do not believe they have led a beautiful life.

LSD403 Assessment Answers

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LSD403 assessment answers

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The growth and development mainly help to learn several types of new skills that will help them to grow in their future and also helps to improve mental health. Human development and growth are very crucial because it also helps to improve the quality of life of a child. And it is related to improving their psychological and mental health. Continuing the spaces, these two aspects are very important.

The very crucial phases of life are the very first few years when life starts. That is the time when a child's brain grows in a faster process. Did you know every single second, a child's brain can make more than 2 million new connections.

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