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MAN303 assessment answers

What is the Systematic innovation?

Several experts have provided their aspects and point of view on this topic. Like,monitoring seven sources for such an innovative opportunity" is an essential part of the systematic innovation process (Drucker, 1985). These factors are concerned with matters that are specific to the organization or sector; because of that, they might be transparent to individuals who are active within that organization or industry. The last three changes are not related to the company or the industry.

  1. Focused internally -
  • The unanticipated results (failure, unexpected success, or outside circumstances)
  • Such disparity within one's life as this actually exists reality while this is envisioned or as it should exist.
  • Alterations in the industry structure or the market structure that take everybody by surprise
  • Innovation is driven by the requirements of a process.
  1. Focused externally -
  • A look at the demographics (population changes)
  • alterations in perception, state of mind, and/or meaning
  • Fresh information encompassing both scientific nonscientific fields

Mitchell's (2000) New Endeavor Template includes a question that determines whether the venture under consideration constitutes a new combination like one of its components. He advises looking at two different types of discoveries made by entrepreneurs: scientific discoveries and situational discoveries made due to circumstances.

  1. Scientific Discovery
  • A new valuable way
  • Physical or technological understanding
  1. Situational Discovery
  • When what you know
  • Specific knowledge of the place, time, and several circumstances

Surplus demand excess supply are examples of market flaws that might provide profit opportunities. As a result, the four categories of entrepreneurial discovery listed below were made.

  1. 1st invention

Excess demand is exploited through the use of science (a market imperfection).

This presents a chance to learn about and put to use the natural principles in order to meet the increased demand.

Innovations in one industry spread to others.

  1. Observation
  • Situations present an opportunity to take advantage of oversupply (a market imperfection)
  • It's not necessary to be a scientist to enjoy this book.
  • As an illustration, the airline sector necessitates passenger dining facilities.
  1. 2nd invention

Science is used to take advantage of an oversupply (a market imperfection)

When it comes to computers, silicon microchips. These are the second most plentiful element on the planet after oxygen.

  1. Coordination

Students will get an opportunity to take advantage of oversupply in the current situation (a market imperfection)

MAN303 assessment answers

What is meant by "design thinking"?

Design thinking is the procedure that represents several types of abilities that we all get yet that are neglected by more traditional methods of solving problems. This process is fundamentally better in nature. Intuition, the ability to perceive patterns, the construction of concepts that are emotionally significant and also practical, and the power to convey oneself via ways other than symbols or words are all necessary components. Nobody wants to be a part of an organization based on their feelings, their intuition, or their inspiration, but putting too much stock in logic and analysis can be just as dangerous. The design thinking process offers a unified alternative way.

Instead of viewing it as a series of sequential processes, the design thinking procedure is more effectively conceptualized as a network of interconnected, overlapping areas. There are three stages that need to be considered:

  • the inspiration stage,
  • the ideation stage, and
  • the implementation stage.

Inspiration might come from a challenge or an opportunity that provides the best solution. Ideation is the thinking process of ideas, working on those ideas, and evaluating those ideas.

MAN303 assessment answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several types of jobs after pursuing the course. Such are -

  • Mid-level Management for such Entrepreneurship Degree Holder.
  • Entrepreneurship Degree
  • Sales.
  • Not-for-Profit Fundraiser.
  • Business Consultant.
  • Research and Development.
  • Recruiter.
  • Teacher.
  • Business Reporter.

To gain credibility in the workplace, it's helpful to have an entrepreneurial degree. Just to secure money or form an alliance, having an entrepreneurial degree might enhance your credibility. You will get your entrepreneurial instincts when you pursue a degree in entrepreneurship.

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