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We are well versed with the fact that a good amount of money is spent on Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS). But, very little knowledge exists about explaining and realising those large investments. The main question is whether or not IT and IS assist with a value that is assessed including the forms of value, examination, methodologies, and realization processes. The moderating impact of value safeguarding methodologies on value creation is identified. New methods are evaluated as a means of managing IT\IS value during the phase of acquisition, execution, and examination.

MAN6935 IT Value Realisation Assessment Answer

Moreover, the course comprises several subtopics. Sometimes, due to several challenges, it is difficult for a student to go through the depth of those topics and apply the same in the solution file. Well, we can help you out through our experts in providing a unique MAN6935 IT value realization assessment answer that includes multiple illustrations to assist you in getting the essence of the specific topic. Now, stop worrying about your submissions and let our assignment tutor online take care of the baggage of your submissions.

MAN6935 IT value realisation assessment answer

What Are The Topics Covered By Our IT Value Realisation Assignment Help And Solution Provider?

Let’s take a look at the topics covered by our IT value realization experts:

  • IT/IS justification and evaluations approaches
  • IT/IS value and risk governance
  • Investing in IT/IS
  • Developing an IT/IS business case
  • IT/IS risk evaluation and management
  • IT/IS value creation
  • IT/IS value realization processes

Moreover, there are other topics covered in our assignment help.

What Are The Tasks And Responsibilities Of the Value Realization Manager?

There are several tasks and responsibilities associated with the job profile of the value realization manager. Here are a few of them:

  • Recognize and prefer accurate tracking metrics and relevant information sources.
  • Monitor the tasks that have tangible achieved criteria.
  • Liaise with business procedure owners to monitor that metrics are measurable.
  • Coordinate with teams and owners to articulate the value of the product associated with set standards and assist with input to the overall recalculation of value. Moreover, keeping a check on consistent updates to the related tracking mechanisms.
  • Checking the quality of current projects to check that they meet the standards concerning results, profits, and success criteria.
  • Assist with the consistent improvement of the standard design and apply new solutions for monitoring, profits, and tracking.

What Are You Expected To Learn In This Course?

After the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the essential activities associated with Information technology and Information systems value management.
  • Explain the differences between Information technology and Information systems activities that lead to value and those that safeguard value.
  • Describe the scope of value management within Information technology and Information systems governance, and create a business case to assist with an investment in information technology and Information systems.
MAN6935 IT Value Realisation Assessment Answer

Discussion Forums

Agility plays a crucial role in the advancement of technologies and the competitive performance of organizations in modern business environments. The majority of organizations depend on information technologies, comprising knowledge, procedure, and communication innovations, to improve their agility.

The information technology investments impact the organization’s performance through entrepreneurial alertness, coevolutionary adaptation, digital options, and many more. Moreover, it influences the potential of an organization in launching several competitive actions, and those competitive actions play an important role as an antecedent of organization performance.

A Sample Question Solved By Our Experts

Below is the MAN6935 IT value realization assignment sample online received by our experts from one of our students. The following question is based on the case study on St Cuthbert’s Healthcare. Let’s take a look at the question.


MAN6935 IT value realisation assessment answer writing

After extensive research, our experts prepare the solution file. Here are the steps they followed while writing the solution:

  • Firstly, the expert goes through the case study and note down the major points provided in the case study.
  • After that, they start with the collection of credible sources from authentic sites such as google scholar.
  • In the given case study, the expert focused on the database, CMS, and User Interface concerning the topic.
  • Moreover, in the section of the executive summary, the experts mentioned the developments, problems encountered, and the involvement of technology in the healthcare sector concerning the management of data.

However, if you want to download the solution file, then, register through your email id on our portal.

What Is The Importance Of Culture In Information Systems?

An understanding of culture is important to the study of information technologies in that culture at various levels, including national, organizational, and the group can influence the successful implementation and use of information technology.” (Leidner & Kayworth, 2006). Culture plays a vital role in managerial procedures that affects Information Systems. It is looked upon as a challenging variable to research, because of the several definitions and measures concerning the culture. Culture also plays a role in managerial processes that may directly, or indirectly, influence IT. However, if you want a detailed explanation of the importance of culture on IT, then, our best academic writing help writers can help you.

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Leidner, & Kayworth. (2006). Review: A Review of Culture in Information Systems Research: Toward a Theory of Information Technology Culture Conflict. MIS Quarterly, 30(2), 357.

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