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Organizations have a complex architecture in which many interactions, relationships, and processes occur daily. The complexity of these interactions, relationships, and processes often makes it difficult to understand, manage, and work cohesively. The Managing People & Organizations course is designed to help one understand the effect of their behavior at the workplace on performance. Also, it deals with analyzing the behavior of other employees on the overall productivity and outcomes at the workplace. To understand these critical aspects about people and their behavior, theories about human behavior and interpersonal relationships are studied. The course also includes common organizational features such as job roles, working groups, power structures, and job design. Since many of such aspects are assessed by an instructor of this course, students often seek Managing People and Organizations Assignment Help from subject experts.

managing people and organizations assignment help

Universities for Managing People and Organizations Course

Almost all universities offering business administration programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, or professional levels have managing people and organizations courses as part of their program structure. If you are enrolled in any of these programs at the following universities, you might want some help with drafting your Managing People and Organizations assessment answers.

List of Universities offering Managing People and Organizations courses:

  • University of New South Wales
  • University of South Australia
  • International college of Management, Sydney
  • University of Adelaide
  • The University of Sydney
  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Deakin University
  • University of Tasmania
  • Australian National University
  • Swinburne University
  • Victoria University
  • The University of Queensland
  • RMIT University
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of New Castle

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) of Managing People and Organizations

Each unit in the Managing People and Organizations course covers a topic that contributes to understanding how people and organizations function. This allows the students pursuing this course to assess their ability to become better managers. It also allows the student to demonstrate their skills for proving as a good manager for other people and organizations. During the course, various learning tools are used to understand the behavior of employees in an organization and the consequences of that behavior for individual and organizational performance.

The Learning outcomes of Managing People and Organizations:

  • To learn about frameworks and models that describe organizational life
  • To understand the reflection of an organization on employees’ experiences at work
  • To apply the frameworks in analyzing employees’ experiences
  • To develop analytical skills in using the frameworks
  • To develop strategies for more effective managerial behavior
managing people and organizations assignment help

Why Do Students Need Managing People and Organizations Case Study Help?

To assess all the outcomes during the tenure of the course, students are evaluated based on continuous assessments. These assessment tools include submitting a report, case study, individual and group assignments, seminars, presentations, written assignments, workshops, online quizzes, class tests, and examinations on a weekly or unit completion basis. These assessments are designed in a way to allow the course instructor to encourage and reinforce learning by the students. Also, the evaluation must enable the teacher to make robust and fair judgments about individual students’ performance. These assessments provide an equal opportunity for every student to demonstrate their learning from time to time. Therefore, along with the quality of course information, the assessments are expected to maintain certain academic standards in terms of format and writing. This is when a student feels the burden of completing a given task timely with a high level of accuracy and non-redundancy and looks for help online to write my assignment.

For example, a group report-based assessment requires the students to work in groups or teams. The students need to apply the theories and frameworks learned as part of their course. This assessment aims to analyze the problem-solving and decision-making ability of students in complex situations. Their competency to work in teams and cope with ambiguities is also demonstrated. Academic writing skills are an equally important assessment point as the report has a proper format for submission. This includes:

  • Introduction- describes the key management issues of the case
  • Analysis- Brief analysis on the causes and outcomes of the problems identified, based on theories and frameworks
  • Alternative solutions- Formulate the possible solutions to resolve the issues, and discuss the pros and cons of the same
  • Recommendation- discuss the recommendations for an alternative solution and risks involved
  • Desired state- Outline of desired goals reflecting the future state of the organization
  • Reference list- At least five relevant references in the proper referencing style

With such guidelines, students are expected to design a perfect assignment, which leads to incomplete, inaccurate submissions resulting in low grades. That is where the role of Managing People and Organizations case study help service comes into play. With the experience of handling multiple case studies, assignments, and reports, our subject experts promise to help you deliver the best quality Managing People and Organizations assessment answers.

A sample of the Business Artifact (Business memo) writing assignment is provided below for your reference:

managing people and organizations assignment sample managing people and organizations assignment help sample online

Topics Covered by our Experts for your Assignment Solutions on Managing People and Organizations

You can refer to the list below for some of the topics covered by our experts for your Managing People and Organization assignment help:

  • The historical developments in OB
  • Classical management theory
  • Human relations movement
  • Analytical frameworks
  • Management Challenges
  • Foundations of Human Behavior
  • Values, Assumptions and Decision-making
  • Motivation and Perception
  • Managing Groups and Teams
  • Power and Influence
  • Leadership theories
  • Performance Management
  • Work Design
  • Organization Design

So if you are looking for help with Managing People and Organizations homework solutions, contact our subject experts today!

managing people and organizations assignment help

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