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MBA403 Financial And Economics Interpretation And Communication Assignment Help

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mba403 financial and Economicss interpretation

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financial and Economics information

What Is Financial And Economics Communication?

According to our MBA403 Financial and Economics Interpretation and Communication assignment experts, it is the communication that is generated from the Economics and financial information of a company. It covers all the information related to your Economics reality, finances, and changes in equity as a result of your activity.

Why Is It Necessary To Include Financial And Economics Communication In The Internal Communication Strategy?

Employees of any type of company need:

  • Find out about the economy of the company, its liquidity, solvency, and indebtedness. Furthermore, if they are regularly informed through an official channel, they are recipients of a unique message.
  • Understand the accounting status of the business: expenses and income originated in the company, operating results, be aware of the sources of financing and investment decisions. Also, the origin of the financing (internal funds or external funds) and the Economics resources assigned to different functional areas for investment projects.
  • Understand what is happening at the Economics level in the company and know the efforts that are being made to consolidate it in the sector.

The Objectives of financial and Economics communication with the staff?

  • Act according to transparency criteria.
  • Offer qualitative and quantitative information regarding the Economics reality of the company
  • Promote understanding of business actions and decisions.
  • Promote a good reputation of the company and credibility in its actions.
  • Increase brand loyalty.

Type Of Financial And Economics Information Is Provided To Employees

The information is different depending on the size, sector, and activity of the company.

When companies are listed on the stock exchange, in addition to Economics information, the same information is provided that is provided to shareholders and the specialized Economics press. We are referring to the stock price, the value of the shares, the prestige of the brand, the credits, new projects, mergers, sales, acquisition of new companies, etc.

In medium-sized companies, generally a press release, an article, or a post is written attaching the annual balance, the income statement, the annual report or social balance.

The balance of the situation- It is an accounting document that reflects the Economics and financial situation of the company. Therefore, it must clearly and accurately express the benefits obtained, and the losses suffered at the end of the year.

The annual balance sheet presents a summary of the company's situation and the changes in equity as a result of business activity.

The profit and loss account- It is an accounting document whose usefulness is to know the financial result for the year. It specifies income and profits, on the one hand, and expenses and losses on the other. Likewise, the income statement quantifies the profit or loss for a financial year and makes it possible to know how it was generated.

Ratios- They indicate the Economics situation and the health of the company. Thus, financial ratios are known as financial indicators or indices. And for this reason, they allow us to analyze the favorable and unfavorable aspects of the Economics and financial situation of the organization.

The annual report- It is the document that completes, with a sufficient level of detail, the Economics events that occurred in the company. That is why it comments on the information contained in the balance sheet, in the profit and loss account, in the statements of changes in equity, and the statement of cash flows.

The social balance- It is a document that allows evaluating the fulfillment of the responsibility of the company during a determined period. Likewise, the favorable and unfavorable results for society that derive from the intervention of the company are compiled.

mba403 financial and Economicss interpretation assignment help mba403 financial and Economicss interpretation assignment help

Who Provides Financial And Economics Information In SMEs And Large Companies?

In small and medium-sized businesses, financial information is available through the accountant. On the other hand, in the case of large companies, it is available through the finance department or the financial area.

In Financial and Economics Communication, What Aspects Should Be Taken Care Of, And What Should Not Be Missing?

In addition to taking care of the style of the presentation, the design, the illustrations, the graphs, and the explanations that must be concrete and brief, the letter from the President and the comments of the auditor or the accountant on the accounting and financial analysis should not be lacking.

The participation and involvement of the president or manager in this type of communication are very important. Therefore, the president, as a representative of Senior Management, is responsible for: commenting on achievements, explaining what has happened and why, and making estimates on the forecasts for next year.

MBA403 Financial and Economics Interpretation and Communication Assignment Help Online Sample

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