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This course provides the key ideas and frameworks for understanding how economies and marketplaces function in order to situate business strategy within a bigger economic context. Tools and principles for making firm-level pricing, manufacturing, and production planning choices will be presented. The way people engage with and affect how economies operate will also be examined. The course will examine the impact of adjustments in monetary, social, and trade administration on the local and global economies. They use aggregation commodities such as production, labor, deposit funds, reserves, cash, and markets for foreign exchange.

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MBA703 assessment answers

Learning Outcomes of MBA703 The Economic Environment Course:

The following fundamental competencies are provided with a course, according to the professionals at our MBA703 assignment sample online service:

  • To study fluctuating macro-markets using supply and demand instruments.
  • To analyze the planned and unforeseen consequences of government involvement in the market using supply and demand techniques.
  • To start debating the economy, including nominal and real GDP, macroeconomic variables, borrowing costs, rates of economic growth, price indexes, deflation and inflation, job losses and work opportunities, the budget deficit and national debt, the current and investment accounts, and the country's status as a debtor or creditor nation.
  • To examine labor market concerns such as unemployment and jobs.
  • Identifying the sources of economic development for both developed and developing economies in terms of public policy (efficiency, investment, and taxes) that might boost the rate of potential (long-term) real GDP growth.
  • To assess the impact of short-run variations in real GDP and price growth caused by supply and demand shocks and make policy recommendations.
  • Explain how currency fluctuations affect trade deficits and how financial flows might disrupt the conformational change process, causing trade imbalances to worsen.
  • To examine the impact of fluctuations in monetary policy, both expansionary and contractionary, on consumer spending in terms of employment, real GDP, and inflation.
  • To explore the short-and long-term implications of too stimulative monetary policy during the late 1970s and Volcker's struggle against inflationary policies from 1979 to 1982, on the rate of interest, rate of inflation, and economic growth.
  • to examine Taylor's rule monetary policy in relation to interest rate targeting in the 1970s, 1990s, and 2000s, as well as the resultant boom and bust cycle.
  • Examine the consequences of fiscal policy and austerity on economic activity and growth, with a focus on the non-sustainability of existing policies. Examine the impact of 1980s government deficits and money creation on bond yields, the current account deficit, the valuation of a dollar, and the United States as a lender or borrower state.
  • To examine the Tuxedo Woods world banking system's adjustment process and utilize the findings to demonstrate why rigid exchange rates are unsustainable.
  • To investigate the function of variable exchange rates in the formation of the boom-bust cycle in the Asian currency crisis of 1997/98.
MBA703 Assessment Answers

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MBA703 assessment answers

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Because of the increased integration of worldwide economic institutions, the commercial environment is vital. Entrepreneurs, people, and organizations pay particular attention to the fact that what happens in their own city, state, or continent impacts their lives not only locally, but also globally.

Materials and energy sources, for example, directly promote the creation of commodities and services. Complementary services provided by the environment that facilitate economic output include carbon sequestration, air and river waste screening, flood protection, and nutrient retention.

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