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MBAS901 assessment answers

Large volumes of data on practically every element of a company's operations and finances are available nowadays. Those who can transform this data into usable, actionable intelligence are highly valued in every business. This course will broaden your understanding of several business analytics approaches that may be used to aid decision-making.

You'll look at descriptive analytics, inferential analytics, and predictive business analytics, building on what you learned in your basic business statistics class. You'll practise data exploration, probability analysis, decision-making under uncertainty, statistical inference, regression analysis, and time-series forecasting. The principles of optimisation modelling and data mining will also be covered. You will utilise a software environment that is appropriate for this unit throughout.

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

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  • Learn how and why data gathering and analysis may help you better understand your customers, users, and/or stakeholders and how they engage with your company's goods and services.
  • Learn and practise ways for finding, preparing, and analysing data to increase your capacity to create more accurate predictions that result in positive business results.
  • Improve your capacity to discuss business analytics project outcomes.
  • Examine the function of business analytics in assisting decision-making in today's organisations;
  • comprehend and evaluate various business analytics methodologies, as well as their application to a range of decision-making needs in various situations; and
  • apply and assess relevant statistical techniques and software for data analysis to aid corporate decision-making.
MBAS901 assessment answers

Important Elements of Business Analytics

When a firm decides to use business analytics, it is typically based on the company's or business's end goal. Whatever technique the organisation employs, the final result will be an actionable insight. All of the components or processes that go into business analytics and are utilised to arrive at the findings are listed below.

  • Data mining - Using machine learning, database systems, and statistics, it is an approach for sifting through large volumes of data to identify patterns, trends, and other information about data that isn't apparent.
  • Text mining - It is a method of extracting high-quality data or information from texts or communications in online applications or on the Internet.
  • Aggregation of Data - First, the data is acquired, and then it is given in a summary style. The data is usually consolidated, cleansed, and filtered once it is collected to reduce errors and redundancies.
  • Predictions - While business analytics is used to assess a process that occurred over a period of time or season, firms may estimate future occurrences or behaviour using historical data.
  • Visualisation of Data - One of the most significant aspects of business analytics is data visualisation. It simply takes the data's facts and insights and displays them in an interactive graph or chart. This procedure aids in the real-time tracking of company indicators and KPIs to have a better knowledge of performance and goals.

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Study Materials for Completing the Course

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MBAS901 assessment answers

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