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Using systems engineering techniques, this subject deepens students' understanding of product design and the development of machine assemblies and components. The unit evaluates the design of machinery's major parts, including the structural and drive components, to guarantee usefulness, strength, and longevity. Based on systems engineering, the machine assembly design is provided. Conducting mechanical system design projects ensure academic skills in research and communication. A diploma in engineering is quite a common field for students to pursue; hence, it is common for them to search for MECH7007 assessment answers online to get help passing through the unit.

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MECH7007 Assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of Studying this Unit?

These are the essential learning outcomes that our MECH7007 academic assistance specialists suggested because this unit falls within the sustainable engineering topic of study. These must be finished to attain the required results in the professional sector.

  • When designing machine components, incorporate the principles of machine design.
  • Understand how machine parts are represented using conventional engineering formats.
  • To understand and assess the design of mechanical components and systems, apply the governing standards controlling mechanical design.
  • Use design thinking to achieve a certain goal.
  • Examine the standard design method using primary machine components' fundamentals, bearing design, and bearing choice.
  • To design a mechanical system overall, apply systems engineering techniques and stress analysis theories for sizing machine components.
  • Utilising specialised software, practise several design approaches to improve your CAD abilities.
  • Assemble a team to carry out the mechanical design.

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MECH7007 assessment answers

Iterative Process

Modern design is a complicated activity that combines creativity, knowledge of science and engineering and is dependent on teamwork, high-tech communication, good management, interpersonal interactions, a solid supply chain, suitable production methods, etc. The iterative nature of the design process, which is evident in several models, means that the designer may be required to return to earlier phases for further research, analysis, or design change based on the outcomes of each step. The diagram shows the phases of the iterative engineering design process from the introduction of a client demand until the delivery of the finished product.

The big picture of engineering design includes the following main phases:

There is always a client in a design project who seeks your assistance. A Statement of Work (SoW), a legally binding document having the value of a contract, is the result of hours of conversations between the client and the design team regarding the assignment (or client's demands). Sometimes a project doesn't require an SoW; in this instance, you should construct a Problem Statement, which is typically included in the SoW and will act as the foundation for ongoing product development.

You should articulate the client's demand in terms of functions (systems) and subfunctions (subsystems) and specify conditions and assumptions according to the client's needs and resources, all based on the problem statement (or SoW). The design specifications refer to these situations.

In this step, preliminary design models are created using models created in phase 2. For the other components, ready-made parts and supplies are chosen from catalogues or pertinent websites. The embodiment design may not contain the final geometry of the custom-designed components or the chosen materials.

This stage follows embodiment design. You must conduct computer simulations and analyses for the final material selection, fine-tuning the shape, geometry, production and assembly processes, and manufacturing tolerances. Based on the calculations and simulations carried out in the previous phase and corrected in this one, you finalise the parameters of the design solution. All planned components are given their final dimensions and form.

Another design process model depicts design activities as an easy procedure that proceeds from the first client requirement to the finished mass manufacturing. However, more feedback connections in this situation should still be expected. The left panel of the accompanying diagram depicts potential links between design processes that might happen throughout a normal design process. This means that the designer would typically change between crucial stages of development that produce novel ideas, test findings, simulation data, research results, etc.

Types of Mechanical Systems:

  1. Adaptive Design - There are numerous production areas where progress has stopped. Designers are left with little options but to adapt and alter current designs in these areas (dimension, material, etc.). The technique of adaptive design entails a modest modification of the present design's or engineering device's characteristics to enhance the quality or accommodate a recent market trend.
  2. Development Design - While the finished product may change greatly or modestly from the original concept, development design also draws on previous designs to introduce new ideas. Design engineers employ the operating principles of one machine on another machine to create a completely new product that may have high quality in functioning, size, etc. Another justification for development design is using new technical materials or manufacturing techniques. Development design requires a great deal of information and design skills.
  3. New Design - This is often referred to as inventive design. A designer creates a new design when they create something that has never existed. A significant amount of study and maximal imagination is needed for this kind of design.

Purpose of Mechanical System

The Machine Design course teaches students the principles of designing the various machines' most often used components, elements, and units. When little machine parts are put together, they become large machines. Therefore both the machine as a whole and each of its parts must be developed.

The knowledge of machine design helps the designers as follows:

  • To choose the right materials and the most appropriate forms, based on machine loads and material strength, determine the dimensions.
  • Indicate the manufacturing procedure for creating the machine's intended component or the entire machine.

The main purpose of the mechanical system can be summarised as follows -

  1. Understanding stress or force: Understanding the part's environment and potential stressors is crucial. A mechanical engineer must extensively study operating circumstances. A device that works well in cold regions could malfunction in hot, humid settings. When designing, mechanical engineers take into account various operating circumstances.
  2. Understanding materials: The next choice to be made is choosing appropriate materials once the pressures of the working environment have been understood. While certain materials hold up better to friction and heat, others are more resistant to warping and corrosion. You should consider the material's weight as well. When designing a machine, design engineers must consider all of these factors.
  3. Understanding the Manufacturing Technology: The engineering team must thoroughly grasp the available production technologies before finalising the design. Mechanical engineers frequently collaborate with the manufacturing team at the workshop to discuss the manufacturing technology's drawbacks and difficulties at their disposal. While your design may seem fantastic as a CAD model, it might not be a good design if you can't construct it with current technologies.

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MECH7007 Assignment Sample Online

Here is our unit assignment sample provided by our subject matter experts -

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MECH7007 Assessment Answers

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