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mental health assignment help

What is mental health?

Our physical, psychological and social well-being also relies on our mental health. It affects our way of thinking, behaving and interacting. This also assists in determining how we cope with stress, how we respond to others, and how we make decisions. In every phase of life, from early childhood to maturity, mental health is important. During your life, your thinking, attitude, and actions may be influenced if you have mental health issues. Some factors are involved in mental health issues, including biological factors like genes or brain chemistry, or extrinsic factors such as abuse, isolation or family history of mental health problems.

What to include in a mental health assignment?

Mental health assignments solicits one to perform rigorous research and find the required information. Mentioned below is the information that answers the typically asked questions in a mental health assignment. You can take reference from the information mentioned below and save time.

Psychiatric Nursing: Definition

The healthcare division dealing with mental illness prevention, treatment cure and their health consequences caused due to mental health problems. This uses human behaviour hypothesize to its theoretical basis and includes the use of the individuals in clinical practice. Some of the psychiatric nurse's tasks include; providing a safe supportive environment; engaging with clients or patients on the actual day-to-day challenges they face; recognizing and managing for the emotional aspects of the problems of the client, including drug treatment reactions; performing the role of the patient's social representative or parent in different recreational, professional and social situations.

Nurses in this area receive multiple training sessions in specific areas. They need to go through a lot of things to understand patients' psychology to deal with mental illness. Psychiatric nurses must be registered nurses (RNs). A four-year bachelor of science in Nursing degrees is the requirement to be a psychiatric nurse.

The psychiatric nursing process involves a lot of technicalities that the professionals need to implement. As part of their treatment, psychiatric nurses begin by interviewing patients. Communication is one of the essential parts of Psychiatric treatment. Therefore, the nurses communicate with the patients to know their details. This is the best way to understand their mental health history, living habits, thought process, etc.

The perspective of Nurses on the Importance of Mental Health Nursing

mental health assignment help mental health assignment help

Psychiatric nursing has different categories and types. Starting from child psychology to age-old depressions, nurses are trained to deal with different types of patients. Read on to know about different perspectives of nurses according to different categories.

Primary care physicians: According to many Primary care physicians in the USA, people do not put any effort to treat mental illness. Physical health is directly related to mental health. Many studies revealed that when people are mentally unhappy, their physical health is effected automatically. However, many physicians reported that the rate of mental illness is twice as high as that of other diseases. The shortage of healthcare providers has led to an increase in patients with mental illness. Their perspective is to treat both physical and mental illness equally so that people can live happily. Still, there are reports that only one-third of Americans with mental problems receive treatment for their conditions.

Psychologists: According to psychologists, counselling is as essential as taking vaccines. Child psychologists feel that the mental health of a child is fragile. Therefore, proper treatment is needed right from the beginning. A child should go for regular counselling, especially after joining the school. Apart from that, they also feel that many people have the wrong notion regarding people who reach out to others. Most people believe that those who go for regular counselling, suffer from serious mental illness. However, the definition is something else. Counselling can be done at any point just to make sure that their mental health is in good condition.

Psychiatric nurses: According to nurses who work in this field, handling mental illness is very tough. Nurses have to go through different types of training depending on the patients they treat. There are instances when people with mental illness are often neglected and boycotted by society. If proper treatment is provided, these people can overcome the odds and lead a wonderful and fulfilling life.

These three perspectives provide insight into the importance of mental health and its treatment. In the absence of mental health care, it will not be possible to bestow good mental health upon the patients.


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