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mis102 data and networking academic assistance through online tutoring

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mis102 data academic assistance through online tutoring

Concept of MIS102 Data And Networking

Data networks are infrastructures that have been created to be able to transmit information through the exchange of data. In other words, they are specific architectures for this purpose, whose main basis is packet switching and which serve an exclusive classification, taking into account the distance that their physical architecture is capable of covering and, of course, the size they present.

Main Elements Of Data And Networking

For data networks to function properly, they must contain four fundamental elements:

  1. Hubs: are dedicated to signal amplification, a very important process for data exchange.
  2. Patch Panels: systems that organize the wiring necessary for proper operation.
  3. Servers: they are in charge of managing the information and the entire process.
  4. Cables: they are horizontal and are usually also the main elements within data networks.

How Are Data Networks Classified? MIS102 Data and Networking Assignment Experts Explain In Details

Data networks have their classification based on a series of specific factors and divided into four types:

LAN - The local area network that allows computers in the same building to have a connection, albeit in a limited way. They are usually private.

MAN: networks of metropolitan areas that connect equipment in a city. MAN network can be designed from several LAN networks, and that is why it can be privately owned or offered as a public service.

WAN: corresponds to networks of large areas, so in this case, it will cover the needs of larger geographic areas and may be regional, national, or international.

PAN: is the smallest personal area network whose function is to connect computers that are within a user's close environment.

Different Types Of Networking Topology

The network topology in the area enabled for the exchange of data that we are talking about to take place, divided into four types:

Mesh: It allows one device to communicate with another that is within the same network. The great advantage is that this communication is done without any interference.

Star: In this type of networking topology, there is a central device, and it is this that connects with the others. Under this configuration, whenever the other devices want to connect, they must go through the control panel.

Extended star: it is similar to the star model, but in this case, there is a central axis that is the basis for connecting the other axes that in turn have other devices.

Ring: In this case, communication occurs in a circle. Therefore, one device connects with two others that are also part of the network.

Data and networking are essential elements within an organization since they favor better and faster communication between employees and a greater number of data can be handled to obtain the necessary information at all times.

Role of Routers Data and Networking Explained by Our MIS102 Data and Networking Academic Assistance through Online Tutoringer

In Routers, in addition to their role as network traffic routers, can provide many other functionalities. We will briefly describe some of them below:

Adaptation of the data between different transmission technologies. The most typical case is residential routers that link residential networks with the networks of telecommunications operators to provide Internet connection services. These routers are capable of exchanging data between the residential user's network that uses typical local network technologies (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) and the operator's access network, which will use last-mile technologies such as ADSL, cable (HFC), or optical fiber (FTTH).

mis102 data and networking academic assistance through online tutoring mis102 data and networking academic assistance through online tutoring

Provide network configuration parameters. This function is carried out through a service called DHCP, which greatly simplifies the connection of a device to the network since all the network parameters are configured automatically. This function has become especially important in residential networks especially with the trend to use wireless devices.

Filtering data. Data filtering is carried out mainly for security reasons. Broadly speaking, this process consists of establishing criteria under which data may or may not pass from one network to another. This filtering function is carried out by an element known as a firewall.

Network address translation. Currently, due to the scarcity of IP addresses, practically all networks use a network address translation mechanism known as NAT that allows the use of private addresses in networks connected to the Internet. This feature is implemented in many cases by routers, especially in residential routers.

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data and networking assignment sample

mis102 data assignment sample

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