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The entire process of developing a website is mainly called "web design development," which is mainly an umbrella term. It requires two primary skill sets, namely.

  • Web design - The whole appearance of a website is determined by web design.
  • Web development - While the functionality of a website is determined by web development.

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MIS202 assessment answers

The Learning Outcomes of this course -

There are several learning outcomes that students need to know after completion of the scores such as -

  • Structure implement CSS or HTML
  • Execute fundamental JavaScript.
  • Develop visualizations in conformity with several UI/UX hypotheses.
  • Involve medium developed web development techniques.
  • Find use several code packages established on such documentation to create working outcomes in a task.
  • Formulate a completely working website deploy it on the web server.
  • Develop web pages that work utilizing external databases.
  • Designer keys to programming crises by integrating optical ingredients classes.
  • MIS202 App helps to formulate JavaScript apps that change between shapes.
  • Determine mobile methods design for numerous operating techniques.
  • Get proper knowledge from data implement the information into several applications.
  • Differentiating tendencies in multi-device performance.
  • Create fully functioning applications which can be utilized on cross-platforms.
  • Store, authenticate, structure user database.
  • Disambiguate several types of configurations that the NoSQL data mainly represents.
  • Utilize web sockets for allowing several synchronous credentials to several types of shared datasets.
  • Execute a RESTful API to store retrieve information through the AJAX calls.
  • Protect the database from several types of nefarious invasions.

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MIS202 Assessment Answers

Study materials to complete the course -

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  • Web Design: Introductory. Cengage Learning. p. 27. ^ Campbell, Jennifer (2017).
  • The Full Stack Developer: Your Essential Guide to Everyday tasks Expected of a Modern Full Stack Web Developer. Northwood, Chris (2018-11-19). Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-41523.
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Several Elements of web design -

Web designers are always looking for several ways to improve their consumers' experiences. The users of their websites always try to have a simple time going where they wish to go and doing what they wish to do, and websites help to make their tasks easy and possible. When a person has a negative experience regarding a website, do not prefer to stay there. That's why their traffic decreases at a higher rate. Here are some important elements that students need to learn while developing and designing a website.

  • Layout:
  • The header, navigation bar, footer, content, visuals of a website are all arranged according to the layout of a website. The layout is mainly determined by the goal of the website as well as the type of relations the web designer tries to build with the user to have with the site. For instance, a website related to photography would have a higher priority on large, stunning photos, but an editorial site can get a higher emphasis on text the spacing between several letters.

  • The ranking of images:
  • An immediate scan of a site is sufficient to provide the user with the best access to all of the information that they require. This is called the visual hierarchy. It is mainly about the process of selecting the website's visual elements that should be brought to the user's awareness by emphasizing several types of color, sizes, and other characteristics of layout as comprehended as the visual hierarchy.

  • Proper Navigation:
  • Using navigational tools include the site's architecture, menus, search bars. The user can easily get from point A to B with the assistance of navigation. The website owners are able to more quickly and easily access the information they are searching for when their navigation is efficient and simple.

  • Proper Color:
  • A website defines its personality from its use of color, which also helps it stand out and indicates to users what they should do next. Whether the company's preexisting tag or any website's contents, it should end up with the best deciding factor in your color palette. It also depends on how such a plant website uses hues of green patterns. The website can also benefit from being more structured if it tries a proper color palette that is constant.

MIS202 assessment answers

Top Universities In Australia Offering MIS202 assessment Course

You will find many universities that are offering this course. Such as -

  • The Curtin University - The Complete 2022 Web Development Course - Build 15 Projects
  • RMIT - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - Complete Web Design Course: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery
  • Australian College of Skills Education Pty Ltd - Code CSS Course
  • Australian Careers Business College - Learn WordPress Using WordPress to Make Money Online
  • Cairns College of English - Web Design and Development assignment
  • Kingston International College - How to Use Elementor: Build an Awesome WordPress Website

If you are confused about which university to choose for your admission, then you can rely on our list. We have provided the top universities who are providing this course. You will get the best support from their end if you have any type of queries related to assignments, and you can definitely take our MIS202 assignment sample online.

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MIS202 Assessment Answers 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning about front-end, backend, and full stack development is very important. Mainly these are the three types of web developments.

Being a web developer, you can go through several challenges. This can also get fixed, but some others can be really tough. Mainly it is important to be sure that you need to improve your skills while this industry is always changing. There are many things to learn in the area of website development.

Mainly, it depends on the assignment length. If it is not a complex assignment, they take 1 to 2 hours. If it is slightly tough, they take 3 to 4 hours, and if it is an unknown topic, it can take more than that. But our experts promise they will only submit the assigned tasks within the deadline. And with proper revisions.

Of course, our specialists provide you with the best assistance. With the best quality check and thoroughly proofreading, they also make several changes to provide a professional finish to your assignment report.

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