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Draft MIS609 Data Management and Analytics Assessment Answers at the Best Minimal Range!

With the advancement of technology, the fear of data theft is rapidly increasing. Each company and organisation, whether it is big or small, keep their confidential data and source safely. But technology has made everything possible, so if you want to learn how to protect your data from any black hat hacker, you can opt for MIS609 Data Management and Analytics course. During the course, if you face any issues with MIS609 Data Management and Analytics assessment answers, we will be there to help you out. You can call or email us anytime; our experts will be ever ready to address all your doubts and queries.

This course allows you to show off your comprehensive skill sets in SQL administration, enterprise-scale data solutions, and BI data exploitation in both on-premises and cloud environments. The MCSE: Data Management and Analytics validate your skills in managing and maintaining enterprise databases, resulting in high levels of data availability, demonstrating that you have what it takes to plan database environments and harness business intelligence to better decision making.

mis609 data management and analytics assessment Answers

What are the Learning Outcomes of this Course?

Our MIS609 Data Management and Analytics assignment help experts say that the course will help you understand and learn tips and tricks to keep your data safe and stay from any type of data theft case. You will be capable enough of using such an application easily. To get more insights, take a look at the point added here below –

  • Demonstrate an understanding of database systems and design, data models, and declarative query languages on a conceptual level.
  • Define a relational database, query it, and manipulate it.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental comprehension of descriptive and predictive data analysis methodologies, as well as optimisation and search and knowledge representation.
  • Create descriptive and predictive statistics from data by formulating and extracting them.
  • Analyse and interpret descriptive and predictive data analysis outcomes.
  • Apply their knowledge to a specific problem domain and identify possible data analysis issues.
  • Identify data science's possible hazards as well as its social and ethical consequences.
  • Explain important security ideas and how cryptographic algorithms, digital signatures, and public key infrastructure (PKI) are used in security.

What topics are Included in this Course Syllabus?

Our MIS609 Data Management and Analytics academic assistance says that the course syllabus is indeed vast and requires a lot of time and effort to comprehend all of those. If you are not aware of the topics of this course syllabus, then some of them are jotted here for your reference. Take a look –

  • Implement and design database solutions
  • Concepts of Microsoft SQL server
  • Concepts of Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • security designing and implantation
  • Design for high availability, disaster recovery, and scalability
  • Azure database management and monitoring
  • Big data designing and interactive solutions
  • Create big real-time data
  • Operationalise end-to-end cloud analytics solutions
  • Reading and ExploreingBig Data
  • Processing Big Data
  • Processing Predictive Models with ScaleR
  • R Server in Different Environments and its implementation
  • Preparing Data for Analysis in Azure Machine Learning
  • Azure Machine Learning Export
  • Development of Machine Learning Models
  • Operationalise and Managing Azure Machine Learning Services
  • Machine Learning services use

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Assignment file –

MIS609 data management and analytics assessment answers sample assignment MIS609 data management and analytics assessment answers sample assignment 1

Solution file –

MIS609 data management and analytics assessment answers sample assignment solutions

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Best Institutions For Data Management Course

There are various university and colleges in Australia that offers data management and analytics course, but not all of them are the best. Before getting enrolled in any university, you st look into the ranking facilities of the institution. So, in order to save your time and effort, our Data Management Assignment Help experts have added here a list of best institutions where you can apply for this course -

  • Bond University
  • Curtin University
  • Engineering Institute of Technology
  • University of Wollongong
  • University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
  • Canterbury Business College
  • Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce (IMC)
  • The Australian National University
mis609 data management and analytics assessment answers

Study Materials For Completing the Course Profoundly

  • Huberman, A. Michael, and Matthew B. Miles. "Data management and analysis methods." (1994).
  • Callahan, Steven P., Juliana Freire, Emanuele Santos, Carlos E. Scheidegger, Cláudio T. Silva, and Huy T. Vo. "VisTrails: visualisation meets data management." In Proceedings of the 2006 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data, pp. 745-747. 2006.
  • Abadi, Daniel J. "Data management in the cloud: Limitations and opportunities." IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 32, no. 1 (2009): 3-12.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most important three types of database are - hierarchical database systems, network database systems and object-oriented database systems.

There are various types of databases; some mainly used of them are – Prescriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Cyber Analytics.

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