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Students will study the ideas and techniques of communication planning in this course, as well as identify company needs, issues, and opportunities, as well as analyze, negotiate, and describe requirements for just about any solution that may incorporate information change. Students will investigate essential difficulties in the acquisition, modeling, validation, and communication of large business system requirements. Students will gain real-hands-on experience in efficiently collecting intelligence from client groups through thinking, interviewing, holding seminars and presentations throughout the training and online exercises. The unit provides a comprehensive view of IS progress, with a focus on the strategic leadership of IS and company organizational functions, which includes company requirements planning and discourse, as well as dialogue and configuration of challenges caused by the client organization and agreed upon by supervisors.

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MIS701 Assessment Answers

Learning Outcomes of the Course:

  • Analyze business demands and contexts as well as stakeholder demands in order to provide IS-related change suggestions for both information systems.
  • Create models and criteria for technology-enabled approaches to recognized business concerns and justify suggestions.
  • Analyze and assess professional abilities, attitudes, and knowledge in relation to current professional needs and provide solutions to capability shortages.

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MIS701 assessment answers

Topic We Would Cover in MIS701 Assessment Answers

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  1. What exactly is business analysis?
    • The Evolution of Business Analysis
    • Creation of business analyses
    • The nature of the business analysis task
    • A business analyst's position and duties
  2. A Business Analyst's Competencies Behavioral skills and personal traits
    • Business acumen.
    • The appropriate competencies for the appropriate scenario.
  3. Strategy Analysis
    • The strategic context
    • What exactly is strategy?
    • Strategy creation.
    • Examine the external surroundings.
  4. The Business Analysis Process Model
    • A method of problem-solving.
    • Process modeling.
    • Looking into the problem.
    • Considering different views.
  5. Investigation Techniques
    • Previous research.
    • Methods of investigation
    • Quantitative methods.
    • Creating a record of the present company environment.
  6. Stakeholder Analysis and Management
    • Identification and categorization of stakeholders
    • Examining stakeholders
    • Strategies for managing stakeholders.
    • Stakeholder management
  7. Modelling Business Systems
    • Methodology for soft systems.
    • Commercial views.
    • Models of business activities.
    • Business events and procedures.

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MIS701 Assessment Answers

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