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Predictive analysis is mainly the usage of statistical data algorithms and machine learning procedures to identify every type of future outcome based on historical analysis. This course is all about going far beyond what is happening and providing you with the best result about the consequences that will happen in the future.

The predictive analysis comes with workshops that have three main sessions.

  • MIT1
  • MIT3
  • MIT4

After completing the above workshops, you will understand the procedure of using RM to receive and explore data that have insights into such problem areas that help to make predictions on such classification models.

The student's prior understanding of the strategies and procedures will be covered in the lectures. It is essential for the success of the workshop. Individual work will be required for the students during the entire session, whether on-cloud or on-campus.

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Career Opportunities after Predictive Analytics

After completion of the course, you will get several career opportunities. Our experts have explained the assignment solution on MIS772 in detail. Such as -

  • Financial and Banking Sectors: The banking industry comes with a large amount of money and data in the share market, and it has for a long time impressed predictive analytics to detect and reduce fraud. It also helps to measure maximizing a cross-scale and upscale credit risk and opportunities. It also helps to retain valuable customers.
  • Retail Sector: Retailers in every part of the world utilize predictive analytics to optimize prices, plan merchandise, and determine the best offers to make to their customers. They also analyze the efficacy of different sales events and determine the effectiveness of several types of promotions.
  • Oil Gas: The oil and gas sector has executed predictive analytics to improve overall performance, reduce risks related to reliability and safety, predict future resource needs and equipment breakdowns, and reduce risks related to reliability and safety.
  • Health Insurance sector: To detect fraudulent claims, the health insurance industry is trying to identify people at risk of developing chronic diseases and check which interventions are the most effective in treating these patients.
  • Government Public Sectors: The government plays an important role in the development of new computer technology. In an exact way, the other industries go for predictive analytics. The government also does this to enhance the quality of its services and performance, detect and prevent fraud, and get a better understanding of the behaviour of its customers. Also, they use it to strengthen the entire cyber security system.
  • Manufacturing units: The manufacturers must locate several factors that mainly reduce quality and production failure with distribution service resources and several optimizing parts.
MIS772 Assessment Answers

Importance of Predictive Analytics

Communities utilize Predictive Analytics to enable them to solve difficulties and also to disclose unique options. Some of the common implications are:

  1. Identifying fraud signals- The utilization of various analytical approaches enables an improvement in pattern recognition and the prevention of several types of illegal behaviours. Behavioural analytics also investigate all types of activities that take place in the real-time network to identify problems. These exceptions may imply fraud, developed constant threats, or vulnerabilities. Cyber security is evolving as an increasingly important factor.
  2. Optimize several marketing campaigns- It is utilized to determine consumer responses helps to promote cross-sell chances. It helps businesses possess, attract, raise positively beneficial consumers.
  3. Improve the operations- Several companies try it for predicting merchandise and also for management help. Several renowned airlines use it for setting ticket costs. Motels utilize it to predict the guests' numbers to increase revenue maximize occupancy. It facilitates institutions to operate in an efficient manner.
MIS772 assessment answers

Best institutes, courses and fees in the MIS772 Predictive Analytics in Australia:

Our experts have chosen the following universities offering a predictive analysis course in Australia:


Courses offered

Fees per year (in AUD)*

University of Melbourne

MIS772 Predictive Analytics


University of Sydney

Post Graduate Program In Data Analytics

30,000- 40,000

The University of Queensland

Linear and logistic regression modules

50,000 - 55,000

Australian National University

MIS772 Predictive Analytics


The University of Western Australia

Python Data Products for Predictive Analytics Specialization


Macquarie University

Design Thinking and Predictive Analytics for Data Products



Monash University

MIS772 Predictive Analytics


Western Sydney University

Predictive Analytics and Data Mining


University of Newcastle

Population Health: Predictive Analytics


Flinders University

MIS772 Predictive Analytics


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MIS772 Assessment Answers

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The practice of using data from the past to make predictions about the future is known as predictive analytics. In most cases, historical data is used in this process. It helps to develop a statistical equation that accurately predicts significant biases. This predictive model is mainly used to the data that is available to make several predictions about what will happen next or to recommend actions that you should take to get the best possible results.

The process of predictive analysis is a mathematical method that analyses several patterns in a given collection of input data that helps to make forecasts regarding future occurrences or results. It is an essential part of predictive analytics. It is also a subfield of data analytics that works with both recent and past data for making several predictions about patterns of behaviour, activity, as well as trends.

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