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mosfet assignment help

What Does MOSFET Mean?

The word MOS means "Metal Oxide Semiconductor", and refers to a type of structure widely used in electronics, where oxide is used as a dielectric or insulator. "FET" means Field Effect Transistor, that is, transistors that conduct through an electric field, similar to a capacitor.

Definition: a MOSFET is a field-effect transistor using an oxide semiconductor that is used as a dielectric. Otherwise, it is a transistor (it conducts or does not conduct current) in which an electric field is used to control its conduction and its dielectric is an oxide metal.

What Does A MOSFET Do?

There are two main types of transistors, the PN/bipolar junction transistors and the MOSFET/ MOS transistors. If you want to know more, you can contact our technical assignment writing help. Here we go to explain the MOSFETs.

We wanted to start by explaining what makes a MOSFET, because it is very simple, although later we will explain the parts and the internal operation of the MOSFET transistor.

A MOSFET transistor has three pins. The MOSFET conducts electrical current between two of its pins when we apply voltage to the other pins. It is a switch that is activated by voltage. As simple as that. Here you can see two types of MOSFET:

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Remember that a PNP or NPN transistor (based on the PN junction) does the same, but the difference is that in the NPN or PNP conduction occurs when a small current reaches the base, in the MOSFET, it is by voltage, it is active when we put a minimum voltage on the pin of the transistor called Gate.

The other two pins are called the sink (inlet) and drain (outlet). Most of the digital integrated circuits are built with MOS technology. Because they can be built in smaller sizes than bipolar ones and their switching speed (opening and closing) is very fast, in a few nanoseconds. Although our MOSFET assignment writers will explain everything in more detail inside your assignment, here we will discuss advantages and structure of MOSFET.

Advantages Of The MOSFET

The chief advantage of the MOSFET is that it uses low power to carry out its aim and the intemperance of energy in terms of cost is very small, which makes it an important component in modern PCs and electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital wristwatches, tiny robot toys, and calculators.

Structure Of A MOSFET

MOSFETs are built on a semiconductor (type N or P) called a substrate. The sink and drain (inlet and outlet) which is a semiconductor contrary to the semiconductor used for the substrate, fuse on this semiconductor. In the first image below you can see the P-type substrate and the drain and the N-type source.

Covering this block is placed in an insulating metal oxide layer that acts as a dielectric or insulator between the source and the sink. A conductive metal plate is placed on top of this oxide. The oxide with the metal from the third pin or terminal of connection is called the door or gate.

We have 4 parts but only 3 pins since the substrate is always attached to the gate, forming a single transistor pin.

S and D = semiconductor / s. On one side is the pin called the sink or source (S). On the other side, the pin is called Drain (D), drain, or outlet. The current passes between these two terminals when we activate G using voltage. The current when the transistor is activated enters through S and leaves through D provided that G has a minimum voltage, called threshold voltage or threshold = Vth.

G = door or gate. The top is conductive metal and the bottom is an oxide.

P = base semiconductor layer or substrate opposite to the semiconductor of S and D. In the image on the left it is of type N and then the substrate must be P. It could be the other way around, as you can see in the image on the right.

mosfet assignment help mosfet assignment help

The channel between S and D is made of the substrate material and is called the channel. It is the area that acts as an insulator, preventing the passage of a current when we apply a voltage between S and D.

Note that the substrate, the source, and the drain form two NP or PN junctions. One is called the N channel MOSFET and the other is called the P channel MOSFET. Here you can see the symbols for the circuits:

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