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Do you know the social work profession is booming in Australia? In 2020, Australia's welfare workforce was around 588,000 persons, accounting for 4.6 percent of the working population. Moreover, In 2016, it was projected that there were around 23,166 professionally certified social workers in Australia. So be assured of having a great future after completing this course.

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MSWPG7106 Field Education assignment help

During the course, you will complete a 500-hour (minimum) Field Education placement that will allow you to integrate theory, practice, and research in a placement context. And will also obtain an understanding of building professional identity, social work principles, ethics, social worker duties and responsibilities, and how to use and integrate various skills in a placement situation.

You will be introduced to group work theories and concepts and will gain the information and skills needed for professional practice as a social worker in a practice context and use appropriate intervention techniques under supervision. Integrative seminars will use case studies to prepare students for placement aid and support students during their placement process by offering chances for reflective practice, shared learning, and mutual assistance.

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What are the Learning Outcomes of this course?

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  • Use conceptual abilities to connect theory to practice.
  • Ability to Work independently and take various initiatives.
  • Understanding professional behaviour in education placement and comprehending how their values impact their reactions to certain practice settings.
  • Determine how dominant groups' interests and values influence the definition of and responses to service user requirements.
  • Understand when and how to employ consultation and supervision.
  • Evaluate the intervention process regularly in light of personal and agency philosophy, as well as social work ideals.

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mswpg7106 field education assessment answers

Some Study References for Completing the Course

Our team members have said that the course will help you learn about the social work profession and how to complete the course without any academic tension. To help you out, we have added here some study materials that you can follow and get your assignments and projects done independently.

  • ACAP, Discipline of Social Work, (2020). Field Education Manual.
  • Beddoe, L., & Maidment, J. (2009). Mapping knowledge for social work practice: Critical intersections.
  • Payne, M. (2020). Modern social work theory. Bloomsbury Publishing.
MSWPG7106 Education assignment help

Assignment Samples completed under Expert Guidance

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mswpg7106 field education assessment answers sample assignment

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What is the Importance of the Social Work Profession?

Comprehending and enhancing people’s lives in society is central to social work. From young students to those facing addictions, social workers help them and try to understand their problems. They also help to enhance the quality of life of those people.

Social workers always try to help people with their suffering, advocate for social justice and develop their communities and lives. When most people think of poverty reduction and child welfare, they think of social workers. Many social workers conduct this type of work, and we do a lot more.

Source - Gerdes, K. E., & Segal, E. (2011). Importance of empathy for social work practice: Integrating new science. Social work, 56(2), 141-148.

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In Australia, the average social worker pay is $96,160 annually or $49.31 per hour. The salary starts at $80,428 annually, with the most experienced professionals earning up to $111,774 annually.

Social workers are related health professionals who assist people in a crisis and require assistance. They offer advice, information, and recommendations to other agencies. Social workers help people deal with their life issues and obstacles, enhance their well-being, and make sure that they are treated adequately.

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